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Enrique Tomás + ONCE

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Enrique Tomás and ONCE organize a blind ham tasting, present the 'Undécimo' solidarity menu, and sign a collaboration agreement

Enrique Tomás and ONCE have begun their collaboration with great enthusiasm, offering a unique experience: a blind tasting of four varieties of ham products marketed by the gastronomic brand, the creation of a solidarity menu, and the signing of a collaboration agreement. The event was attended by the Territorial Delegate of ONCE Catalonia, Xavier Grau, and Enrique Tomás himself.

The Enrique Tomás establishments have launched a solidarity menu named 'Undécimo', which includes products from the chain's iberian selection. As part of this menu, customers receive a scratch card from ONCE called “El Mini Sueldo de tu Vida” (The Mini Salary of Your Life), offering an instant prize of 5,000 euros and 500 euros per month for five years. A total of 37 Enrique Tomás establishments with tasting bars are participating.


Agreement to promote employment and accessibility

ONCE and Enrique Tomás have signed a two-year agreement to collaborate in promoting employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Both brands will also work together to achieve maximum accessibility for blind or visually impaired people in their establishments, both company-owned and franchised. Additionally, they will develop universal design initiatives aimed at overcoming physical and communication barriers.

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