los formatos del jamón

The formats of the ham

In Spain, we're accustomed to the "I'll cook it, I'll eat it" approach, but at Enrique Tomás, we already cut the ham for you. We'll explain below why it's better to stop making shavings with scissors...



If you know how to carve, both a whole ham and a shoulder are good options to have at home and enjoy the piece. Choose one or the other depending on the number of people in your household.

jamón o paleta paletilla

Boneless Pieces

Some people prefer a boneless ham for more convenient storage or vacuum-packed for extended freshness. Whether you want a boneless piece or a whole one, you can find it at Enrique Tomás.


This is the format we're most used to, purchasing ham in vacuum-sealed packets or pre-sliced for immediate consumption.


Shavings are made from the area closest to the bone, which is why our shavings at Enrique Tomás are more flavorful, although they might not be as visually perfect. Use shavings to add flavor to your dishes!


Cubes also come from the area close to the bone, where it's difficult to obtain a slice, making them more flavorful. The closer to the bone, the more aged the ham and the more challenging to access.

Don't complicate your life; let our in-store experts do it for you. Furthermore, we ensure they have just the right amount of fat, enough to retain flavor without being overly fatty.

And most importantly... put that knife down before you hurt yourself!

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