De Dummie a Experto en Jamón con un libro

From Dummie to Ham Expert with a book

There's a saying that claims a true educator is one who makes the complicated seem simple, and with this, we're not saying that Enrique Tomás is an educator, or that the theory of Iberian ham is enigmatic.

However, what we can assert is that we are the ones who know the most about ham in the world, and with the new book "Ham for Dummies," you'll realize that mastering the art of ham will be an easy and enjoyable process... With ham!

Last Thursday, November 23rd, the official presentation of the book "Ham for Dummies" took place, which was presented by Editorial Planeta and Enrique Tomás. The event was exceptional, as it involved discussing and savoring the delicious Enrique Tomás ham.

For Dummies and Enrique Tomás

Enrique Tomás at the presentation of the book "Ham for Dummies"

Receiving the call from Editorial Planeta to take charge of this new book in their "for Dummies" series has been an honor and a great responsibility because teaching someone who doesn't know what ham is and knows they don't know is different from dispelling perceptions and beliefs that are ingrained in our blood.

Ham is culture and passion for Spain, a flag that unites us all because we've grown up with ham and know a lot about it, although not everything is necessarily correct. Enrique Tomás has rolled out the red carpet for ham worldwide with the opening of stores beyond Spanish borders. We are currently present in Spain, the United States, Mexico, France, Andorra, Peru, and Argentina. Additionally, we have our online store through which we ship to numerous countries.

Despite this, having the opportunity to share our knowledge and the wisdom we've gained from our work and all the customers who visit our stores every day is something unique, and the book "Ham for Dummies" has given us that opportunity.

Always translating "dummie" as "beginner," the goal of this new publication is to dispel those old concepts that we take as absolute truths and present, in a very practical and simple way, everything that lies behind, alongside, and in front of the world of ham.

Questions and False Myths About Ham

  • Can ham be made everywhere? No, Iberian ham is unique to the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Can all pigs be used to make ham? No, it depends a lot on the fat content of the animal.
  • Is it true that not all hams turn out well? Yes, it's true, but the good news is that the number of hams that don't turn out well doesn't exceed 1% of production.

These questions and many others are addressed in an enjoyable, simple, and original manner in the book "Ham for Dummies," a book that, according to Enrique Tomás himself, is written by him, by all his employees, and by his customers.

Explore the origin of the word "ham," who and why had the ingenious idea to cure pork with salt, aspects related to pigs, their diet, production process, market regulations, quality, home storage methods, buying recommendations, and much more!


To get a copy of Ham for Dummies, don't hesitate to visit the online store of Enrique Tomás, any of our physical stores, or any trusted bookstore.

And if you want to know more about the presentation, listen to the interviews that Enrique Tomás gave on Aragón Radio, Metròpoli on RTVE, the TV program España Directo aired on Thursday, November 27, 2017, or on Espejo Público with Susana Griso on Friday, November 24, 2017.

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