Recuperar la rutina después de las fiestas navideñas

Getting back into the routine after the holidays

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We have talked on several occasions about returning to routine and how to adopt healthier habits. In this case, we tell you what the keys are to get back on track after the holiday season.

At the start of a new year, we all tend to set new goals and challenges to accomplish, whether related to personal, family, work, new projects, and of course, health.

Furthermore, the excesses in eating and increased sedentary behavior during the holiday season lead us to consider resuming a more active and healthy lifestyle at the beginning of the year.


Reestablishing the Eating Routine

One of the most important aspects is nutrition. It is the foundation of our life and provides energy and nutrients to our bodies. A healthy diet is a fundamental pillar for good health and disease prevention.

  • Where are we coming from? From a time when we tend to consume excessive saturated fats, salt, and sugars, likely accompanied by a low level of physical activity. This makes us feel heavier, more fatigued, and less motivated to face the routine.

  • How to tackle it? By getting back to the everyday eating routine: balanced, varied, and satisfying.

We provide you with some tips to achieve this:


Practice the "Mediterranean Diet"

One of the healthiest diets classified by the WHO. The Mediterranean diet is much more than a dietary pattern; over the years, it has become a healthy lifestyle highly recommended by medical experts worldwide.

It encompasses recipes, cooking methods, local products, and other healthy customs such as siestas or the sociable nature of individuals who share meals or dinners.

Among the health benefits are lowered cholesterol levels, prevention of obesity and overweight, regulation of intestinal transit, antioxidant effects, and improved quality of life.

Mediterranean DietMediterranean Diet

Weekly Menu Organization and "Batchcooking"

Returning to regular eating schedules and weekly menus is essential to regain routine after the holiday season. For this, planning and organizing are necessary. A key tool for a healthy and balanced diet is batchcooking.

Are you familiar with it? In this post, we tell you everything you need to know to start practicing it:

  • What is batchcooking and what are its advantages.

Its main advantages are:

  • Save time cooking.
  • Prepare nutritionally complete and varied dishes.
  • Plan your weekly shopping and save on unnecessary products.
  • Learn to optimize resources and properly preserve foods.

Batch Cooking
Batch Cooking


The Detox

As we mentioned, after periods of excess such as summer vacations, Christmas, etc., we tend to increase consumption of less healthy foods and sugars. Detox recipes can help our bodies eliminate these acquired and accumulated toxins. The concept of "detox" raises many questions.

For instance, does following a detox diet mean consuming only juices? Not necessarily! We recommend consulting a nutrition professional to guide you through such a diet.

In our blog, we provide some detox recipes composed of cleansing ingredients like fruits, vegetables, or grains. Some of these dishes include various types of salads, recipes based on vegetables or fruits, soups, etc. Thanks to the contribution of natural vitamins and antioxidants, they also yield good results:

  • Detox Recipes


Vegetable Stew with Ham
Vegetable Stew with Ham

Asparagus Cream with Ham
Asparagus Cream with Ham

The Role of Ham in Returning to Routine

Do you still have ham from the holiday season, or are you one of those who finished it in the first few days? If it's gone, get your favorite from our online store because we're going to tell you how to incorporate it into your healthy eating routine. Learn about the benefits it can have for health and debunk the misconceptions about ham.

Iberian ham can complement our meals with healthy fats and proteins, as it is a protein-rich food in itself. This macronutrient is essential for our bone structure. Additionally, it provides micronutrients like B-group vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc, all of which are essential for our bodies.

In this regard, we recommend our post on: 

  • Nutritional Properties of Ham.

There are countless ideas to inspire you to include this intense and exquisite product in your diet. Here are a few of them:

  • 8 Healthy Recipes with Iberian Ham


Wild Rice, Quinoa, Apple, and HamWild Rice, Quinoa, Apple, and Ham


Broccoli Omelette with Ham Shavings
Broccoli Omelette with Ham Shavings

Spring Rolls with Ham
Spring Rolls with Ham



Regaining the Physical Activity Routine

Engaging in physical activity is also a fundamental pillar to recover routine after the holidays and maintain an active and healthy life. It's important to choose an activity you enjoy. Active leisure is most effective: jogging, walking, going to the gym, cycling, practicing a specific sport, and more. Sharing these activities with friends or colleagues is highly effective.

Create a plan that suits your needs, goals, and daily life. Start gradually if you haven't engaged in regular physical activity for a while, and if you have doubts, consult a specialist to help you with your training plan.

  • The Importance of Ham in the Mediterranean Diet

Physical ActivityPhysical Activity

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