como saber si el jamon esta bien cortado

How to know if the ham is well cut

Cutting ham is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. That's why more and more people choose to buy it already sliced and vacuum-sealed.

However, if you're interested in learning how to tell if ham is properly sliced, you no longer need to worry, as at Enrique Tomás, we will provide you with an explanation so you can enjoy our favorite product properly.


Tips to Determine if the Ham is Properly Sliced

The thickness of the slices is much more important than it may seem because it largely depends on whether you can appreciate all the nuances of the curing. The first thing to consider is that Iberian ham comes from pigs of that breed that have a genetic condition that no other animal in the world possesses—they infiltrate fat into the muscle, which means the product obtained from their hind and front legs is full of oil and very flavorful.

However, with slices that are too thin or too thick, the juiciness of this product will hardly be noticeable. Therefore, it's important that the slices have the exact thickness to allow the ham's flavor to shine, and at the same time, the oil from each cut can cascade and melt upon contact with the warmth of your palate.

So, to determine if the slices are just right, all you have to do is place a knife behind them. If it's not even visible, it means the portion of ham in front of you is too thick. But if the presence of the knife is completely marked, the slice is excessively thin. The trick is to have the knife only slightly visible.

However, this advice isn't just for slices but also for when you consider cutting your own shoulder or ham. We've already explained that slicing these products is not easy, and just as you need to know how to place the ham in the ham holder, how to hold it correctly for cutting, or what tools are needed, you also need to know that once you've mastered all of this, you have to slice it properly.


how to tell if ham is properly sliced


But how can you tell if the ham is properly sliced when doing it at home? The trick is the same: allow the knife to be just slightly visible. If you can see the silhouette of the knife after each slice, your cuts will be perfect. However, slicing ham is not the only task; you also need to extract all the shavings and chunks to get the maximum yield, and this is not an easy job.

At Enrique Tomás, we recommend that if you're not entirely confident, you should buy sliced ham or bring us your piece so we can prepare packages of the size you want. We'll vacuum-seal the piece for you regardless of whether you purchased it from our stores or not, and we'll do it in packages of the size you prefer. Typically, our sliced portions are 80 grams, but if you want them a bit larger, that's no problem.

In summary, if you want to buy ham that's ready for perfect slicing, go ahead; you'll find all kinds of sliced products in our stores and our "No Te Cortes" (Don't Hesitate) packs.


50% Iberian Bait Shoulder, "Don't Hesitate" by Enrique Tomás


However, if you prefer to slice it yourself, that's also a valid option. We encourage you to buy a whole ham along with our knife and ham holder kit. In this case, we only recommend that you follow our advice and, when you're done with it, bring us the piece so we can clean it thoroughly.

As we say at Enrique Jamón: "from the pig to its hooves." That's why we're going to remove all the meat from your leg, leaving no piece behind. You'll get as many chunks, shavings, or other products as possible from your piece!

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