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Jamón Ibérico, Spain's most delicatessen tapa

If you've ever traveled to Spain, you already know that tapas are a worldwide attraction and a great option for enjoying a good shared dinner or meal. Iberian ham, within the world of "tapas," takes the spotlight because it's the most delicatessen Spanish tapa.


Iberian Ham as a "Gourmet" Spanish Tapa

The high gastronomic value of Iberian ham sets it apart from typical homemade and simple "tapas," such as "patatas bravas" or croquettes, although if they have Enrique Tomás ham, their flavor will be enhanced to the maximum. That's why you can't find authentic and quality Iberian ham just anywhere. Only a few establishments are capable of offering this 100% quality product and meeting customer expectations.

In Enrique Tomás stores, which can be found all around the world in airports or city centers, we offer a selection of the best Spanish ham to enjoy in whichever way you prefer at the moment. You'll need to choose between types of Iberian ham: field-raised Iberian ham, acorn-fed Iberian ham, or 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham, the latter of which is popularly known as "pata negra." Let our expert ham carvers guide you and savor this gastronomic gem in the best way.


Dallas cutting table
Our expert carvers at our Restaurant in Dallas

Various Ways to Enjoy Iberian Ham

As we've mentioned, Iberian ham is much more than just a tapa and can be enjoyed in countless different ways. Let's tell you about the most common, ideal, and easy ways to fully enjoy a gourmet product like this while also benefiting your health.

We start with the certainty that ham can be consumed at any time of the day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, of course, as a snack. Depending on the time of day, it can be eaten as a sandwich, in cubes as a tapa, sliced as an appetizer, or using its cubes or shavings in any recipe. You can enjoy it at all hours, you just have to choose the format that suits you best according to the time of day and the dish.


Iberian Ham in a Sandwich

An Iberian ham sandwich is always a good choice, whether for breakfast, a snack, or a snack at any time of the day. Iberian ham releases a kind of oil that gives the sandwich a unique smoothness and flavor. Additionally, due to its properties, it's one of the healthiest cured meats to include in our sandwiches.


Enrique Tomás Iberian Ham Sandwich

Iberian Ham Slices as Gourmet Tapas

The best way to savor the authentic taste of Iberian ham is to enjoy it as slices. The essence of eating good ham isn't just about it being a good product of good quality, but also about the cut. Therefore, in this case, a proper cut is very important. The best slice is one that our palate easily welcomes, without much effort to chew, as the slice melts in a cascade of aromas and flavors.

This dish of Iberian ham can be accompanied by some breadsticks. They help accompany the ham, are satisfying, and their texture allows them to be a great cleanser for our palate, especially when we eat ham. Why? Because they cleanse our tongue of excess salt and fat and prepare us for the next bite. And they're delicious too!


The most delicatessen Spanish tapaThe most delicatessen Spanish tapa

Iberian Ham as a Key Element in Recipes

Iberian ham is the star of Spanish cuisine. It's present in countless recipes where its role is essential, whether as the main ingredient or as a complement. It brings life and flavor to each recipe and elevates its gastronomic value. The formats that most highlight the authentic flavor of Iberian ham are ham cubes or shavings.

These formats make the authentic taste of Iberian ham stand out the most due to the area from which they come. The shavings or cubes are taken from the area of the ham leg closest to the bone, and therefore, they have a more intense flavor.

We'll give you some ideas as inspiration for preparing the best Iberian ham recipes yourself.


Zucchini Tapa with Iberian Ham and Emmental Cheese

Cut a zucchini into thin slices and grill them with a little olive oil until they turn golden. Have slices of shoulder or Iberian ham from Enrique Tomás and a slice of Emmental cheese ready on a plate, sprinkle some oregano and a basil leaf. Place the freshly grilled zucchinis on another serving plate and top them with ham and cheese, wait a few minutes for the cheese to melt slightly (better if you cover it).

Then roll up the zucchinis and place them on the plate as shown in the photo, you can finish decorating with a little balsamic vinegar cream.

Ready to serve and enjoy! A super healthy and super tasty gourmet tapa. And super easy!


gourmet zucchini tapa with ham
Zucchini Tapa with Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham Rolls with Brie Cheese

With just good Iberian Ham, cream cheese (it can be any type, like brie or another type that is creamy), and some capers, you have a delicious tapa. Lay the ham slices flat on the plate, mix the cheese with the capers and generously spread the mixture over each ham slice.

Roll them up well, but be careful to ensure the cream stays well inside the ham. Ready to enjoy a delicious bite!


Iberian Ham Rolls with Cream Cheese


Broken Eggs with Iberian Ham and Sweet Potato

Fry some eggs in a pan with olive oil. On a griddle or pan, sauté thin slices of sweet potato with a little thyme. Place the eggs and sweet potato on a plate, add some slices of Iberian ham and some arugula and/or basil leaves on top. Now you have an exquisite, easy, and healthy tapa or dish.


USA gourmet tapa recipe eggs with sweet potatoDelicious eggs with Iberian ham and sweet potato

Hortelano Montadito with Iberian Ham

Even easier. You can eat this tapa at any time, it's even recommended for breakfast due to its energy contribution in vitamins and antioxidants. Toast a bit of baguette-style bread, it can also be whole grain with seeds, add a little olive oil, some thin slices of ripe tomato, sprinkle some oregano on top, and finally, a few slices of shoulder or Iberian ham, but it can also be Enrique Tomás Gran Reserva Ham, not Iberian but super tasty.

Time to eat! It's also a balanced snack for young and old alike.


ham and tomato montadito
Hortelano Montadito with Iberian Ham


Now you know that Iberian ham is much more than any tapa, it's a gourmet product with high gastronomic and healthy value, and due to its versatility, it can be consumed in many ways and at any time. Don't hesitate to visit our online store and choose yours to start enjoying the most delicatessen Spanish tapa at home.

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