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Learn how to make Iberian ham oil, delicious!

Making Iberian ham oil is much simpler than it seems, and thanks to this step-by-step guide we're bringing you today at Enrique Tomás, you'll be able to give your dishes a unique flavor. Ready?

Well, if you are, let's get started right now because Iberian ham oil will become your favorite seasoning!


How to Make Iberian Ham Oil?

To make this liquid gold, you only need two ingredients: Iberian ham and sunflower oil. We recommend using sunflower oil rather than the rich olive oil typical of our country because of the flavor; olive oil could make it too intense.

That said, you'll need 500g of Iberian ham from the source you prefer and 300ml of oil. Once you have them, put both ingredients in a pot over medium heat, between 60 and 90°C.

What's the trick to making Iberian ham oil?

Well, the secret is in controlling the strength of the fire because if it's too high, the curing will be overdone. Make sure it stays at the temperature we mentioned earlier because it's very important that the oil doesn't come to a boil.

 Olive oil


After thirty minutes have passed, your Iberian ham oil will be ready! You just need to strain it and put it in a container, preferably a glass one. Once it cools down, you can store it in the refrigerator to preserve it better.

You'll love it when you taste it!


What Dishes Can I Use It In?

Iberian ham oil is perfect for enhancing the flavor of some recipes, especially those cooked with the finest Iberian products. For example, you can drizzle it over all your salads. If you have guests at home and want a remarkable appetizer, you can prepare a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, some goat cheese, croutons, and Iberian ham cubes or shavings. If you dress it all with the oil, the explosion of flavors on your palate will be unforgettable!

However, in addition to being a dressing, you can also use it to prepare some dishes, such as "huevos rotos" (broken eggs) with potatoes and ham. When frying the ingredients for this dish, instead of using olive oil, use this oil.

The same goes for creamy Iberian ham croquettes. When preparing one of the most Made in Spain dishes, keep in mind that you can sauté the onion and ham with this oil; just add a bit to the pan. This will help enhance the nuances of your croquettes. And if you want to do a tasting and combine them with others, such as Iberian chorizo croquettes,

you'll become the best chef!

Iberian Chorizo Croquettes


More ideas? Well, another option is to drizzle your manchego gazpacho with this dressing or even use it to prepare some delicious lentils with chorizo and ham. As you can see, the options are endless!

All you have to do is make Iberian ham oil following the advice we've given you at Enrique Tomás, wait for it to cool down, and store it. As soon as you add it to your dishes, you'll fill them with even more flavor! What are you waiting for?

Don't overthink it!

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