Recetas originales al horno con jamón

Original baked recipes with jamón

During this time of year, we often search for the perfect recipe to surprise our family and friends at Christmas gatherings. We all want to offer the most gourmet ingredients to our guests and also make use of those products from Christmas hampers.

While there are thousands of ideas for Christmas appetizers and starters, in this post, we're going to talk about some original recipes baked with ham.


6 Ideas for Original Baked Ham Recipes

In winter, we crave these hot recipes prepared in the oven. Some may be more elaborate or expensive, but others are really simple. In many cases, you just need a bit of patience and time for the oven to do its job. Let's dive into these original ham recipes!


Pumpkin Lasagna with Ham and Cheese

This lasagna is an alternative to the typical Italian lasagna. It's a healthier and lighter dish, and quite original for these occasions.

We include seasonal products like pumpkin, which lightens the dish by replacing one of the main ingredients, pasta. We also replace minced meat with cured meat, adding Enrique Tomás Gran Reserva ham to the recipe. We choose it for being a selected serrano ham, of extraordinary quality.

This product will provide that contrast of flavors between sweet and salty along with the pumpkin and will add intensity to the recipe. To bring it all together, we choose cream cheese and a sprinkle of grated mixed semi-cured cheese on top, which fits perfectly.

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Pumpkin, Ham, and Cheese Lasagna

Pumpkin, Ham, and Cheese Lasagna

Vegetable Quiche with Ham

Another original oven recipe is the vegetable quiche with ham. This type of French tart has become very popular in recent years. Its original preparation is sweet and is made from beaten eggs and cream. In our case, we've added savory ingredients like vegetables and ham, typical products of Mediterranean cuisine, to this mixture.

For our quiche, we choose: zucchini, mushrooms, iberian ham (either in slices or cubes), onion, and leek. We give it the final touch with a bit of Parmesan cheese. You'll see that this combination of ingredients blends perfectly and is liked by most diners.

An excellent choice!


Vegetable Quiche with Ham and Mushrooms II
Vegetable Quiche with Ham and Mushrooms


Baked Potatoes with Ham

An original and simple idea to offer as an appetizer or as a side dish for the main course. These baked potatoes are quite easy to prepare. What's the original touch of these baked potatoes with ham and cheese? We add leek and Enrique Tomás ham cubes or ham shavings. Both products bring flavor and originality to the dish.

We choose leek because its flavor is a bit milder than that of onion, but it gives that differential touch. On the other hand, ham cubes provide a more intense flavor as they come from the meat closest to the bone.

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Baked Potatoes with Ham and CheeseBaked Potatoes with Ham and Cheese


Christmas Turkey

During this time of year, if we're talking about original baked recipes, the typical Christmas turkey cannot be left out. One of the most typical dishes during this festive season. It might seem difficult to cook, but if you follow our recipe step by step, it will turn out exquisite. What's the originality of our proposal? Cooking a rich and flavorful stuffing by adding our star product: iberian ham.

Learn how to cook it with us to give it an unbeatable taste, and make the turkey juicy and tender. The touch of ham will add an intense flavor to the stuffing and will make the contrast between sweet and salty even more evident.


  • Prepare your Christmas turkey following our instructions.


Enrique Tomás Christmas Turkey

Gnocchi with Mushroom and Ham Sauce

On its own, it's not a recipe prepared in the oven, but the oven does help give it that final touch to make it an absolutely delicious dish.

Gnocchi, originally called gnocchis, originate from Italian cuisine and are a typical dish that can be accompanied by various types of sauces and ingredients. In this case, we choose mushroom sauce and add that extra value by incorporating "iberian ham cubes". As you know, the flavor concentration in these small pieces of iberian ham is exceptional.

Finally, in the preparation, we give it our final touch through gratin. You'll lick your fingers!

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Gnocchi with Mushroom, Iberian Ham, and Parmesan SauceGnocchi with Mushroom, Iberian Ham, and Parmesan Sauce


Ham and Cheese Vol-au-Vents

The last original oven recipe from Enrique Tomás is the Christmas vol-au-vents filled with iberian ham and cheese. They are a classic and perfect to serve as appetizers on these special occasions. As for ingredient choice, in this case, we've gone for the most traditional: ham and cheese. Kids love them!

Still, the differentiation lies in the quality of the products: choose the iberian ham you like the most. Kids love them!

Vol-au-Vents filled with Ham and CheeseVol-au-Vents filled with Ham and Cheese

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