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Rediscover Barcelona with our Iberian Ham

Fall in love with Barcelona all over again by visiting the most classic and typical places with the Enrique Tomás Passport during this month of August.

Barcelona is a beautiful and magical city that hides places so well-known to locals that they hardly visit them anymore, as they tend to leave the city on weekends and go to the places they usually frequent out of habit.

With the Enrique Tomás Passport that you'll find below, we invite you to rediscover the city of Barcelona, from the sea to Tibidabo, passing through La Rambla with good Iberian ham and a smile.


Very easy: Find the passport in this post, in El Periódico, on our website, or in any of our stores. With the printed passport in hand, have something to eat at Enrique Tomás locations: Tibidabo, Jamón Experience, and Joan de Borbó. Ask them to stamp your passport when you're done. Once you have all 3 stamps, Juan, one of the most veteran florists on La Rambla, will gift you a beautiful bouquet – but make sure your passport is fully stamped, because... you don't need to go to the Caribbean to get your passport stamped!

Promotion valid during August 2014

Iberian ham promotion

Iconic Sites Beyond Iberian Ham

La Barceloneta, with its narrow streets, conceals architectural features of the first fishermen who settled in this maritime neighborhood. If you pay close attention, you might even hear a habanera being sung from a balcony. Walking around the Olympic Port with a cone of Iberian ham also has its charm, watching the boats go by as they head out to sea in search of adventures.

Barceloneta and ham

Another lesser-explored city landmark from childhood for Barcelonians is undoubtedly Tibidabo, which is part of the city's skyline – the highest peak of the Collserola mountain range, with the Sagrado Corazón church that strongly resembles the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Montmartre, Paris. We also have the Tibidabo Amusement Park, with fantastic sunset views from the Ferris wheel. Attractions and Iberian ham, anyone?

Tibidabo and ham

La Rambla is a place of contrasts, where if you pay attention, you can encounter all kinds of passersby: cruise tourists taking photos, MNAC art-loving hipsters, rockers searching for vinyl at the Castelló music store, or human statues.

La Rambla and ham

All you need is a good camera, the passport, and good Iberian ham. 

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