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Enrique Tomás Dons Its Finest Attire to Unveil the Best-Kept Secrets of Ham at the World's Only Interpretive Center Dedicated to Ham.

The Jamón Experience is a journey of knowledge about ham where the visitor's interaction with this product, a heritage of our culture and gastronomy, is sought. An authentic temple dedicated to ham where workshops, live performances, cutting classes, exhibitions, and tastings converge to savor this delicacy of the gods. Located on the Rambla in Barcelona.

At the start, you enter the audiovisual zone with 3D projections, explanatory videos where you can discover the importance of pure Iberian breed, free-range breeding, and meticulously controlled curing process. Furthermore, you and your family can have a sensory experience where your children can be in the middle of a wooded pasture while you and your partner can be inside an old cellar where hams hang from the ceiling, awaiting their optimal curing moment.

ham museum

Next comes the most anticipated moment, a tasting to explore the 6 types of ham: Gran Reserva, Ibérico, and Ibérico de Bellota, each with its four designations of origin in Spain: Guijuelo (soft and sweet), Córdoba (mild but more intense), Dehesa de Extremadura (intense flavor for discerning palates), and Huelva (intense with a slight smoky touch). A perfect tasting to share with family or friends, where each person decides which ham they like best. To each their own!

The Jamón Experience has 3 shops where visitors can purchase the ham they tasted in various cutting forms (shavings, cubes, or thin slices), and where they can find the ham they liked the most from a wide variety of origins and aging levels.

ham museum

The Jamón Experience also features an observatory area with views of La Rambla and the Mercat de la Boqueria, two symbols of the Catalan capital. A great place to conclude the visit while enjoying a glass of red wine and sharing with friends the ham you liked the most from the tasting.

ham museum

  • Because the best part of ham is sharing it!
    more info at: www.jamonexperience.com

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