El jamón serrano engorda

Iberian ham, the new complement for the summer

Discover the keys to using Iberian ham in summer with refreshing dishes. Because ham isn't only for Christmas.

In the summer, a good dish to refresh our palate and take care of our diet should never be missing. And if it's with Iberian ham, even better, to add joy and that special touch of flavor of the pasture, of grass, of tradition, and above all, of quality.

Because... who said Iberian ham is only eaten in winter? Here's the proof that ham is a perfect complement in summer too, to bring life to your dishes. A very wise saying goes, "everything from the pig is used," and it's true. Ham shavings as a garnish for gazpacho, salad, soups, and sautéed vegetables. You'll also succeed with broad beans and ham shavings, a dish suitable for all diets due to being light and delicious.

Enrique Tomas Salad

The thin slices are also a good option to pair with melon, or with toasted bread and a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, accompanied by a refreshing glass of rosé cava.

Melon with Ham

Another option not to be dismissed is the small cubes. It's a wonderful combination to have it with figs and vinaigrette as it brings out the sweetness of the fig and the intensity of the Iberian ham. Another idea is rolled endives with ham, topped with cheese sauce or liquid béchamel.

Ham Tacos

Find in our stores the ham cutting format that best suits your dish and make the most of its intense flavor.

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