Second store at c. Rogent

We're opening our second Iberian ham store at 19 Rogent St., eager to share delicious ham with the entire Clot neighborhood in Barcelona.

We're not stopping this summer! We're continuing to grow, and now you have a ENRIQUE TOMÁS store even closer to your home, providing you with convenience and the flavor of delicious Iberian ham.

Enrique Tomás Rogent Store

You can now find a new ENRIQUE TOMÁS store at 19 Rogent St., corner of Valencia St., right in the heart of the Clot neighborhood in Barcelona. It's right next to the Clot metro station on Line 1.
The store boasts more than 200m2 of space, featuring a ham-cutting table, tasting bar, and charcuterie area where you can find a wide variety of Iberian ham in different formats, along with other charcuterie products.

Enrique Tomás Rogent Store 2

This store reminds us of the first ENRIQUE TOMÁS store on Rogent Street, which opened in 2005. A lot has happened since then!
Nevertheless, we want this new store to have the same neighborhood atmosphere as the one at 92-94 Rogent St.. We're sure it will become a new meeting point for Iberian ham enthusiasts.

Enrique Tomás Rogent Store 3

Discover your favorite ham in a new, welcoming and modern store. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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