curso charcuteria jamon bellota

We start new course

In September, we kick off a new training course where our new crew members become true charcuterie professionals.

Because above all, we are expert ham retailers.


In September, we start the course with a lot of enthusiasm and many smiles. From the previous course, we have introduced many novelties such as the new menu for the tasting bar and we have added new seasonal products like melon with ham, potato omelette, and sangria. We have also reinvented our dishes like the salad to give it that innovative touch and more variety to choose from.

We haven't stopped for a moment!

starting new course enrique tomas

Another novelty is that our crew family has also expanded. We are now 400 strong! Our training course comes with new staff to bring you joy while you indulge in our stores with our Iberian hams.

The capacity for self-demand and constant improvement is a virtue. And for this, we are implementing new improvements to our training course to ensure that the quality of our service and the professionalism of our staff match our finest Iberian hams. Knowing how to carve, understanding customer needs, and providing excellent service are crucial for ensuring a perfect shopping experience.

We've got our aprons clean, our knives sharpened, and our best smiles ready to start this new course with gold-worthy personnel!

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