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Acorn-fed ham diet

Products from our land like acorn-fed Iberian ham are key to physical and mental health and well-being.

Join the ham diet and enjoy its benefits.

In times when "fast food" is undermining the consumption of healthy products and the habits of a good social ritual around the table (appetizers, after-meal chats...), the Iberian acorn-fed ham diet is gracing the covers of health magazines. More and more Michelin-starred chefs are incorporating acorn-fed ham into their most exquisite dishes.

Acorn-Fed Ham Diet

All of this isn't a coincidence. The secret to its success lies in being a low-calorie, high-protein diet. Yes, we want to reveal a big lie: acorn-fed Iberian ham DOES NOT make you gain weight.

Its color, aroma, and quality make this ham the cornerstone of a healthy diet for the most discerning palates. Among its numerous benefits, this diet is rich in oleic acid, which reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, considered the leading cause of mortality in the developed world.

Acorn-Fed Ham Diet

In our menu, you can find whole wheat rolls so you can watch your figure without sacrificing flavor.

Ham, a part of the Roman Empire's diet...

The ham diet could well be traced back to Roman times, during the period of conquest and maximum expansion of Julius Caesar's Empire, where pigs were salted to preserve them during their long journeys. It was a diet for the wealthy classes, who consumed it as a status symbol.

Today, the ham diet remains prevalent in all kitchens, though for the betterment of all, ham has become an accessible product for all budgets.

Say goodbye to those dull diets that leave you hungry and enjoy the Ham. Because man does not live on lettuce alone!

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