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5th Iberian ham shop in Madrid

Finally, we can count on one hand the stores we have in Madrid. Our Carrefour Cuatro Caminos store for Iberian hams is ready to take off.

We're celebrating! A few weeks ago, we opened a new Iberian ham store in Madrid. It's our fifth store in the capital. It's a small store but full of charm. Its friendly and approachable staff are already busy with their ham knives, slicing Iberian hams for those who want to enjoy some good ham.

Aside from the flair and artistry, you can find a wide variety of Iberian hams at our ham bar. Because eating freshly sliced ham is always a pleasure! You can also find a selection of products to take away. If you want to go to work with an acorn-fed ham sandwich or snack on delicious churro potatoes while shopping, you can now do so.

You can find us inside the Cuatro Caminos Shopping Center, at Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos, No. 4. So, when you're doing your weekly shopping, you can make a stop to treat yourself to some sliced ham for the week. It's a healthy habit you won't want to give up!

We're waiting for you with good ham and a smile!

  • You can check our list of stores here.

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