mejores regalos para los amantes del jamon

The best gifts for ham lovers

Are you in search of the best gifts for those who enjoy ham? If you need to give a gift to a ham enthusiast, you no longer have to worry because at Enrique Tomás, we have prepared a selection of our most outstanding products.

Whichever option you choose, you'll demonstrate undeniable elegance!

The Ham Experience Book, Learning Through Tasting


This book has a uniqueness that no other in the world shares: It's edible!

In addition to being a manual that covers essential information about the various origins and types of ham, it includes sliced packs that complement this information. Thanks to the ham experience book, you'll have the opportunity to appreciate the differences between various curing types while savoring them.

There's no better way to learn!

Libro de la Experiencia del Jamón Jamón Ibérico de bellota 80.00

The Book of the Jamón Experience



''Ham for Dummies,'' All the Knowledge You Need

The book "Ham for Dummies" could be considered almost an encyclopedia on this product, as it includes absolutely all the information related to its curing process. From its origin to how to place it in the ham holder or how to select the ham that best suits your preferences. It also provides knowledge about different types of pigs and their diets.

Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here.

Ham for Dummies Book by Enrique Tomás Ruiz


Iberian Flavor Boxes, Enjoy with All Five Senses

Our packs consist of four containers of 80 grams of sliced meats, one of ham, one of chorizo, one of loin, and one of salami, allowing you to taste these products from every origin.

However, if you're unsure which one to choose, we have a gift that will help you decide, our recommended PREMIUM product box. This package also includes ham and cold cuts, but unlike the flavor boxes, the origin of the products isn't predetermined. We select the best for you and the recipient.

But if your intention is to have the recipient try only the flavors of acorn-fed Iberian ham because you know it's their favorite, thanks to the ham tasting pack, they'll be able to taste them all and compare the nuances and aromas of each.

Caja Recomendada - Productos Ibéricos Premium | Enrique Tomás ©

Recommended Box Of Iberian Products

Christmas Sets, Bringing Joy to Your Loved Ones

There's one product that shouldn't be overlooked: Christmas boxes. During these festivities, many companies look for prepared packages that include ham, wine, and nougats to give to their clients and employees as a token of goodwill.

At Enrique Tomás, aware of this tradition, we offer Christmas boxes for both companies and individuals. These boxes will allow you to give one of our outstanding products along with the most representative foods of the Christmas season.

We have Christmas sets suitable for all budgets, so choose the one that best suits your needs and...

Pack jamón y vino - Jamón Bellota 50% Ibérico

Jamón and wine pack - 50% bellota iberian ham

In summary, in our catalog, we have curing books, books about curing, tasting packs, or Christmas sets, among other products; a selection of the best gifts for ham lovers that will amaze the recipient.

Show your loved ones how important they are to you with an original and unique gift!

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