picnic del dimoni

The Devil's Cremation

Ham will also be present during this typical celebration of Badalona. As part of the Festes de Maig celebrated in the city where our company was born, this coming Sunday, May 10th, the Cremada del Dimoni (Burning of the Demon) will take place. This tradition involves burning a giant demon effigy (similar to a "falla" in Valencia) on the beach of Badalona, just as sailors used to do in the past, accompanied by a breathtaking pyromusical display that leaves anyone speechless, but not hungry...

At dinner time, the Badalona beach is packed with people enjoying the show. As proud Badalona locals, we've gone a step further and prepared a special picnic for that day so that you and your loved ones can also enjoy a fantastic Iberian dinner.

Additionally, on May 9th, we're also participating in the Shopping Night, and if you come to Enrique Tomás for dinner, we'll treat you to a glass of cava. Where there's ham and cava, there's a party! ;) We at Enrique Tomás, being a company from Badalona, know what happens during this traditional Badalona festivity.

In Badalona, on May 10th, they burn the "dimoni", a kind of giant effigy placed on the beach according to tradition.

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