To the beach with an Iberian flavor!

The warm weather has arrived and we're craving the beach...

When going to the beach, we're always prepared: towel, sunscreen, and something to eat because the best sunny hours always coincide with mealtime... We know the sand gets scorching and the beach bar is too far, but you can always grab an Enrique Tomás take away: Sandwiches, cones, chips, and something to drink.

Hydration is important!


Which stores are near the Beach?

Juan de Borbón in Barcelona

At the beginning of the promenade, you'll find our store with a little terrace to sit on. It's conveniently on your way to Barceloneta Beach, so make a "ham stop" and enjoy the beach with your take away.

Plaza Mayor de Mallorca

Are you in Palma de Mallorca and heading to the beach? Don't worry about what to eat or where to eat. We've got you covered with a variety of carefully made take away sandwiches. So you can explore the different coves of the island well-fed ;)

Rambla del Poblenou in Barcelona

Very close to a versatile, family-friendly and vibrant beach, Mar Bella is one of the coolest beaches in Barcelona. And now, it can be even cooler—skip the astronomical beach bar prices and indulge in some ham!


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