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Iberian Ham Packs

The taste of Iberian ham depends entirely on the master ham maker and his culture and tradition, but to be able to distinguish them you have to become familiar with them, and there is no better way to do this than to taste them all at once with one of the savings packs available at Enrique Tomás!


Box tasting of Bellota Ham or Excellence of Bellota ham

These packs are made up of sliced products from the four Iberian ham origins and are perfect for you to try one slice of ham after another, so you can immediately notice the nuances between the different origins. As the experts we are, we can assure you that every taste of Jamón is different to another, even if it ellaborated by the same maestro jamonero.


The Book of ham experience

This book is the same as the previous packs, that is, it also allows you to taste the different types of ham according to their origin. But what's so special about it? Well, it's the only book in the world that you can eat!

It is not only composed of the slices, but in fact it is a dossier with information on each of the origins accompanied by each of the hams mentioned. You're going to learn about ham while you devour and enjoy our country's star food product!


Box of 100% Iberico Bellota products (flavors of)

With the previous packs we offer you the possibility to taste the ham of the different variants and with these you have another option, to taste all the flavours of the same origin, that is to say, in a single pack you have chorizo, salchichón, lomo and ham from Salamanca, Huelva, Cordoba or Caceres/Badajoz. Whichever one you choose, you'll be amazed because they're all top quality!


Travel pack or pack ready to go (as we call it here)

The travel packs are very original packages that we have in two sizes, 1.8 kg. or 3kg aprox. The small package consists of 18 sliced sachets, two sachets of ham cubes, two sachets of ham shavings and one vacuum-packed bone, while the large one contains, instead of 18 sachets, 33 vacuum-packed sliced sachets together with the rest of the products. These packages are perfect to give to friends or family because they have a very original presentation, they are small travel bags.


Saving Packs or Jamón and wine pack

Are you looking for something more complete as a Christmas hamper? Well, Enrique Tomás we have it too. Thanks to our savings packs you will find in a single package ham, wine and Sevillian Breadsticks. 

So, now that you know the different packs we have available, choose yours and either enjoy the product “made in Spain” par excellence or give it to your loved ones. I'm sure you will be all amazed.