Las bebidas españolas más típicas Enrique Tomás

The most typical Spanish drinks

Dishes like paella or Iberian ham, tapas like patatas bravas or products like olive oil are great icons of Spanish gastronomy, well-known and highly valued worldwide. But to fully enjoy these gastronomic treasures, we can't forget about their pairings, which is the combination of food with beverages.

Today, we'll tell you about the most typical Spanish drinks! This way, you'll enjoy the pleasure of combining the most traditional dishes with their best companions.


Spanish Sangria

Sangria is a Spanish drink famous worldwide, synonymous with summer and good times in good company. It's one of the most internationally recognized products from our country, and there's hardly a place where people wouldn't understand when you say the word "sangria."

It's usually served very cold and is an ideal refreshing drink for the summer. Sangria is synonymous with joy, friends, and celebration. It's also one of the quintessential companions of Spanish tapas.

The most typical Spanish sangria is made with red wine and fruits. However, there are different variations like white wine or cava sangria, which are also common throughout the country. In any case, all three make excellent companions for Iberian products such as ham, sausages, or Spanish tapas.


Did you know that Sangria ranks 11th in CNN's list of the best drinks in the world?

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Spanish Sangria Recipe
Spanish Sangria Recipe


Spanish Sangria Recipe


Spanish Wine

Spanish wine is among the best and most appreciated in the world, not only for its extraordinary quality and variety but also for its unbeatable quality-price ratio, which is hard to match by other countries. It's an affordable indulgence for everyone. In fact, in many homes, having a glass of wine is a daily gastronomic tradition to accompany meals.

Wine is a significant and remarkable part of our culinary culture, and pairing certain dishes and delicacies like Iberian ham with a good wine is an essential pleasure.

At Enrique Tomás, as ham experts, we deeply understand the pairing of Spanish wine with Iberian ham, and it's worth noting that we can distinguish between two types:

Complementary Pairing

This type of pairing achieves a fusion of flavors between the ham and the wine, resulting in a unique combination. This type of pairing includes red wines and some white wines. However, it's important to note that not all wines are the best companions for ham. Some wines' intensity might overshadow the meat's nuances.


Contrast Pairing

As the name suggests, contrast pairing involves combining two elements with very distinct, almost opposite characteristics that complement each other perfectly. It's crucial that when seeking contrast, one flavor doesn't completely overshadow the other. This type of pairing cleanses the palate with each sip, allowing you to taste each bite as if it were the first. Within this type of pairing, you'd find light and fresh white wines, as well as those with effervescence.

Discover the variety of wines in our online store. You'll also find our Enrique Tomás Maridaje Wine, a wine created by expert enologists, ideal for pairing with Iberian products like ham, as well as cheeses, meats, and sausages.


Ham Pairing

Spanish Cava

Cava is one of the most typical Spanish drinks and is a must-have at any celebration. It's the sparkling wine par excellence in Spain, originating from Catalonia. While it's often confused with French champagne, it has its unique character and has earned its place among the world's great beverages.

It's one of the best pairings for acorn-fed Iberian ham and other gourmet delicacies. Why? We mentioned the concept of contrast pairing earlier, and the same often applies to cava. Thanks to its effervescence, cava becomes one of the best companions for cured ham. The bubbles open up the taste buds, offering an unmatched sensation of freshness after each sip. The bubbles cleanse the palate of fats and prepare it for the next bite. That's why, when enjoying ham, each slice feels like the first.

There are different types of cava, differentiated by the amount of sugar used in production (brut, semibrut, sweet, etc.) or the aging process the final product undergoes (young, reserva, and gran reserva). At Enrique Tomás, we have a selection of cavas that pair perfectly with ham and the typical Spanish gourmet tapas.


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Vermouth is another typical beverage in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as in regions like Italy and France. It's a wine or vermouth flavored with various aromatic herbs and spices. A perfect drink to have as an aperitif before meals, offering endless possibilities due to the wide range of aromas and flavors it contains. It's often paired with typical aperitif products like olives, patatas bravas, or preserved seafood such as cockles or mussels.

“Going out for vermouth” has become a common expression to describe the habit of having an aperitif before lunchtime with family or friends, with vermouth as the star beverage.

We recommend you experience a leisurely Sunday vermouth, one of those that stretch out and let you fully disconnect from routine!


Spanish Vermouth

Spanish Vermouth

Spanish Vermouth
Spanish Vermouth


Now that you know the most typical Spanish drinks, find your favorite. We believe that each one is ideal for different moments, depending on the occasion and the dishes you want to pair them with.

At Enrique Tomás, we continue to fulfill our goal: to help you fully enjoy both eating and drinking!


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