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This is the best board with cold meats for Christmas!

Sausages, along with Iberian ham, are a must-have on any Christmas Eve, Christmas, or New Year's table. That's why we always ensure we have top-quality products. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas sausage platter, pay attention!

At Enrique Tomás, we'll tell you everything you need to buy!


This is the Best Christmas Sausage Platter

The essential products for any Christmas sausage platter are:


Iberian Ham

Iberian ham is the ultimate delicacy for these occasions, and no matter your taste, it's always delicious! However, if you want to ensure there's ham on your table, you can go for a tasting box that allows you to try them all—there won't be anyone left unsatisfied!

hamBuy Iberian Ham


Iberian Chorizo

This is another delicacy made from the authentic pigs of our peninsula. When buying it, make sure it's top-quality Iberian chorizo, which ensures the pigs have been raised in the meadows and their meat has been cared for as it should be. No matter how you like it, you can even integrate it into delicious dishes, such as lentils with chorizo.


Buy Iberian Chorizo

Iberian Salami

Salami is very similar to chorizo but prepared with different spices and is usually thinner. When buying it, do the same as before, and you can get it as a whole piece or sliced, the important thing is to buy it from a trusted store like our ham shops.

Iberian Acorn-Fed Salami
Buy Iberian Acorn-Fed Salami - Whole Piece

Iberian Loin

This is the meat obtained from the loin of authentic Iberian pigs and is also known as "lomo embuchado." Its flavor is milder than that of chorizo or salami, but it's just as distinctive!

Enrique Tomás Iberian Loin
Buy Iberian Loin - Whole Piece


Although not essential in a good Christmas sausage platter, we definitely recommend including cheese. Whether you choose cured cheese, semi-cured, or any other, the important thing is that it's of high quality so you can enjoy all its nuances.

cured cheeseBuy Cured Sheep Cheese

What Else Do I Need for My Christmas Sausage Platter

In addition to everything mentioned above, there are three more things you should include on your shopping list: bread, extra virgin olive oil, and "picos sevillanos" (Spanish breadsticks). Bread is the perfect complement for any type of cold cuts, and you can serve it toasted or untoasted; the important thing is that it's crispy. After you've sliced it and have the toasts ready, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on them and serve them with the cold cuts—you'll see how delicious it is!

If you prefer "picos sevillanos" over this option, it will be just as good. Additionally, if you're going to pair this platter with wine, the breadsticks will help cleanse your palate and let you appreciate the nuances of Iberian ham, chorizo, or salami even more. Now that you know how to create the best Christmas sausage platter, what are you waiting for? Buy everything and prepare it!

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