bocata de virutas de jamon

We innovate day by day

Nor do we defend that Enrique Tomás is "ham hipsters", but we understand that innovation and avant-garde is something positive to improve our customer service and have the ability to adapt to the changes that are required of us.

We have gone digital with our online store , making it easier for our customers to buy from the comfortable sofa at home in a simple and uncomplicated way.

We have also been the first to bring ham to theaters , providing an alternative to popcorn, and we have adapted new forms of vacuum packaging to improve the quality of our products. In the design of new packaging formats we have not stayed still either, using cones with bamboo or reusable designer tin boxes.

Besides, we have developed different methods of cooking hams to offer our customers a better quality at a lower price . We have dryers using humidity sensors, which automatically close the windows or open them according to external conditions. Undoubtedly, this system is better than remembering to do it when it is too cold, too hot or too humid.

Sandwiches and croissants with Serrano ham shavings, cones with Iberian products, 1kg pack of ham for travel, a book where you can eat (literally) Iberian ham with the 6 origins ...

But the secret of our success lies in finding the perfect balance between craftsmanship and innovation .

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