Que hacer con la grasa del jamon iberico

What to do with the fat of the Iberian ham, take advantage of it!

The fat from ham is encapsulated oil, and a slice of Iberian acorn-fed bacon is enough to enjoy the world's best flavor enhancer. Since we want you to savor authentic delights, we will explain how to make the most of Iberian ham fat so you can delight in it to the fullest.

Ready? Here are some ideas for you!


How to Utilize Iberian Ham Fat

The best way to utilize Iberian ham fat is by incorporating it into various preparations, and a few chunks of bacon are more than enough to enjoy all its nuances and aromas in every dish. So, if you have a whole piece at home and have removed the fat, don't throw it away! You can prepare the following with it:

Fried Eggs

Once you've removed the fat from your leg, slice it into pieces and place it in a pan over heat. You'll see it slowly melting, and it's precisely at this moment when you should add the egg. Let it drop, wait for five minutes, and voilà! Once it cools, put it in a sandwich and serve it with some slices of the finest ham.

You'll enjoy it immensely!


This dish is one of the most popular stews in our cuisine, and undoubtedly, the original recipe made with ham and chorizo will please everyone. But do you want to stand out? Instead of adding a bit of oil, use a chunk of Iberian acorn-fed ham fat, and you'll see that they become even more delicious!

Cocido (Chickpea Stew)

Each Spanish region prepares this dish differently, although the most popular version is the one from Madrid. In the capital, they use much more meat than in other parts of Spain, making the flavor much more intense. In most Madrid homes, a bit of fat is added to the pot, and the result is fantastic!

Baked Rice

Baked rice is a dish of Valencian origin because if there's one thing they know in the "terreta" (local term for Valencia), it's rice dishes. The essential ingredients are rice, tomatoes, garlic, chickpeas, pork ribs, bacon, potatoes, black pudding, onions, oil, saffron, and salt. But is that all? No, just like with paella, it depends on the region in the Valencian Community where you find yourself. In some regions, they also add a bit of ham fat, and just thinking about it makes our mouths water!


At Enrique Tomás, we've explained our favorite dishes, but they're not the only ones. You can also make fava beans with ham or "patatas a lo pobre" (poor man's potatoes) with ham. But have you heard the saying about covering the leg with the bacon? Absolutely not! You should definitely discard the first layer of fat. If you cover the ham with it, all you'll achieve is that when it turns rancid, it imparts its flavor to the ham, and therefore, you won't be able to enjoy a top-notch product as you deserve. Covering it with a clean cloth will suffice. That said, have you already decided what to do with the Iberian ham fat?

You're sure to create a dish worthy of any five-star menu!

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