Por qué comprar en Enrique Tomás

Why buy Jamón in Enrique Tomás?

Today we're going to tell you the reasons why buying ham at Enrique Tomás is a great choice. Aligned with our goals of making ham known worldwide and ensuring that customers fully enjoy it, we work passionately and humbly every day to bring this culinary gem to homes around the world.

Why buy from Enrique Tomás? Discover the advantages!


An Exceptional Gourmet Product Quality

The Triple Selection Process

Enrique Tomás is the world's largest chain of "ham shops", and one of the factors that has allowed us to achieve this is our clear principle of guaranteed quality. We've built a team of professionals who take care of the product from the drying process to your home.

At Enrique Tomás, every product is nurtured from the start. We collaborate with ham artisans and producers who share our passion. When we talk about the triple selection process, we refer to the three basic phases of treating each of the hams and shoulders that bear the Enrique Tomás label.

The first selection is made directly with producers. Our experts travel the Iberian Peninsula seeking excellence in quality. Then, when the product arrives at our facility, we conduct another selection and return to the producer any products that, for whatever reason, do not meet our quality standards. Finally, we carry out a third review just before sending you the ham or shoulder for your enjoyment.

Our most important work is ensuring that all our customers have an experience every time they eat ham. That's why we never tire of saying that "ham is not just food, it's a feeling."


sliced hamIberian Acorn-Fed Ham

The Health Benefits of Ham

At Enrique Tomás, we also care about your diet. That's why we've added a technical team of nutrition experts to our staff. They assess the quality of all ham transformation processes, ensuring that its beneficial nutritional properties are preserved for your health.

In our blog, we've created a category called "Enrique Tomás Cares for You", where we cover everything related to health and well-being. We address topics such as: "The nutritional properties of Iberian ham," "Iberian ham benefits our immune system," and "Ham in your heart-healthy diet."

Furthermore, we add healthy ham recipes each week for you to cook in your day-to-day life and maintain a balanced diet.

Asparagus Cream with Ham
Asparagus Cream with Ham

Wild Rice, Quinoa, Apple, and Ham Salad
Wild Rice, Quinoa, Apple, and Ham Salad

Buying from Enrique Tomás is a Guarantee

Even though we carry out the triple selection process and ensure that the ham or shoulder you receive is of the highest quality, it's possible that, for whatever reason, it's not to your taste. That's why our quality guarantee doesn't end when we deliver the product. We assure you that if you're not satisfied, you can return it and we'll replace it as quickly as possible, provided it meets the return requirements stated in the product description.

To return it, it's important that you keep the guarantee seal, which is the black Enrique Tomás label that wraps each ham or shoulder and is located at the top, under the hoof.



Our Most Precious Value: a United and Passionate Human Team

At Enrique Tomás, the quality of our products is as important as the team that sells them. Without the wonderful human team we have, achieving our goal would be impossible.

The dedication and passion shared by the entire team is exceptional. It starts with the staff at all physical Enrique Tomás stores and extends to everyone who makes it possible for the product to reach your homes and allows you to buy from Enrique Tomás Online from anywhere in the world.

You can find part of the team on our YouTube channel, where they convey this passion and expertise for the world of ham. Additionally, their advice and tips will help you make the most of each piece and savor it in the best way. For example, enjoy this ham tasting at home, following the steps of our expert ham connoisseurs! We'll send you everything ready to start whenever and wherever you want, and you can also share it with whomever you like. You'll enjoy a lot of ham and finally understand this world of ham.

Coming soon to our online store!


You can also find answers to any ham-related questions on our blog, where you'll find everything about ham: how to carve it, its properties, how to choose ham based on your needs, differences between shoulder and ham, differences between Serrano and Iberian, and all the topics you can imagine.

Pack jamón y vino - Paleta de Bellota 100% Ibérica

Pack jamón and wine- bellota 100% iberian ham shoulder



Direct and Personalized Customer Service

Our customer service is direct and personalized. On our website, we have a live chat where one of our ham experts will answer all your questions. Additionally, customer service is available in seven languages: French, Italian, German, English, Spanish, and Catalan. This ensures the best service and customization for every customer, no matter where they are in the world.

In our chat, we address your questions, help you choose from different types of ham, and assist with any requests you may have. Our national deliveries currently take 24 to 48 hours, and international deliveries take 3 to 5 working days, depending on the country.

Now that you know the main reasons to buy from Enrique Tomás, we invite you to take a look at our online store and discover our products. We offer various packs, formats, and other Spanish products related to ham, such as cold cuts, oils, pairings, and more. You'll love it!


Healthier Cured Meats and Cold Cuts
Healthier Cured Meats and Cold Cuts

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