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Ham shavings

The term shavings refers to thin, sheet-like pieces that are extracted from one of the areas of the ham leg or shoulder from which no more slices can be cut.

This area corresponds to what we call "the ham bone area," and it gives this product a very tasty and intense flavor.

Ham Shavings

Ham shavings should never be confused with scraps or trimmings, as nothing could be further from the truth. To make this delicacy, the meat from parts from which no more slices can be cut is machine-cut. For this reason, the flavor of the shavings is tastier and more intense.

Nothing surpasses the appearance of a freshly cut ham slice, with its streaks of infiltrated fat if it's an Iberian ham, but in the shavings, precisely the fat that is responsible for flavor and aroma is closer to the meat.

The virtue of this cut does not only come from this fact but also from the taste of the bone, which is penetrating and tasty, completely different from the rest of the piece.




Why Buy Iberian Ham Shavings?

Ham shavings are virtuous due to their ease of use in the kitchen. When it comes to preparing dishes with ham, this cut becomes an ally because it can be used as an extra, eye-catching, and original ingredient.

For instance, the classic ham sandwich can turn into a novelty if prepared with ham shavings. In Enrique Tomás stores, one of the top-selling products is the famous flautin with shavings, ideal for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

Due to their versatile shape, they are convenient, practical, and will help you add a touch of Iberian flavor to your everyday meals. They are also widely used in fine dining for their ability to impart an intense and special flavor to dishes. Below, we provide several ideas on how to enjoy the essence of Iberian shavings.



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Where to Buy Ham Shavings?

You can do this conveniently and safely - no matter where you live - through our online store. You will find vacuum-packed bags of shavings in sizes from 100 grams to 400 grams, and you can choose from different qualities of ham, but you already know that the Iberian ones have the most intense and exquisite flavor.

Choose the ham that suits you best, and all that remains is to... open and enjoy!


Additionally, if you purchase the whole ham and request us to slice it for you, our slicing service always guarantees maximum yield from the piece, so vacuum-packed bags of shavings are always included for you to enjoy them as you like.

And in the Enrique Tomás value packs, you will also find this format, ready to savor.

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