Cerdo Ibérico


The Iberian pig is a breed of pig originating from the Iberian Peninsula, which includes Spain and Portugal. This breed is known for its high quality meat, especially Iberian ham and Iberian shoulder.

Iberian pigs feed mainly on acorns and other natural foods, which gives them their characteristic flavour and unique texture. In addition, Iberian pork is rich in oleic acid, which makes it a healthy choice.

There are different types of Iberian pigs, depending on their diet and the amount of acorns and wild herbs they have consumed. The most highly valued is the acorn-fed Iberian pig, which is fed exclusively on acorns during the montanera season, which gives them a fat infiltrated in the meat that makes it tastier and juicier.

The Iberian breed has become an emblematic product of Spanish gastronomy, and is used in a wide variety of traditional and modern dishes. In addition, the Iberian pig industry is very important for the economy of some regions of Spain.

In short, the Iberian pig is a breed of pig native to the Iberian Peninsula, which has become a high-quality gastronomic product that is highly valued all over the world.

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