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Pork loin [Lomo]

Known as the king of sausages, the Lomo -Pork loin is a highly appreciated food in Spanish gastronomy.  So much that it cannot be missing in the Christmas hampers next to a good ham leg.

It is the only sausage that is not made from minced meat.  If you still don’t know it, in the Enrique Tomás Glossary we explain what it is, how to eat it and where you can get it.


What is the Lomo?

According to the explanation found in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, we understand by loin each of the pieces (two in total) that are found next to the backbone and under the ribs in the pieces of pork and beef. In the case of Spain and in gastronomy, when we talk about lomo, the word means much more.

Known as a cured loin or loin cane, this sausage is a cured meat derivative that is made from the piece that the RAE dictionary tells us about. This piece, practically free of external fat, is salted, marinated and stuffed into permeable natural or artificial casings to go through a maturing process that will give the meat that particular texture and flavour.


Nutritional properties

Talking about its nutritional properties, for every 100 grams of loin we will be getting 32 grams of protein, 20 grams of fat, zero carbohydrates and zero sugars.

This same amount of sausage will contribute some 308 calories to our diet and among its nutrients we find different B vitamins and vitamin K, as well as a large number of minerals. Unlike other sausages prepared from a mixture of meat and fat, the loin stands out in nutritional terms for its high protein content in relation to fat content.

As with ham, the loin may vary its category if it comes from an Iberian pig. Although there are no appreciable differences in the manufacturing processes, the curing time does change, being longer when it comes to pieces of meat from Iberian pigs that have enjoyed the Montanera season (see Montanera).

This sausage is eaten raw, sliced thinly. It is the perfect accompaniment to a cheese board and can be paired with wine, beer or cava.


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