quitar la corteza del jamón

Rind of Jamón

The rind  of Jamón is an important part of the ham (Spanish Jamón), as it protects the inside of the ham from contamination and contributes to its preservation. In addition, the rind also has an impact on the flavour of the ham.

The rind is a layer of fat and skin that covers the outer surface of the ham. This layer is removed before slicing the ham, but can be used for other culinary purposes, for example to add flavour to stews and casseroles.

The rind of ham is rich in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that helps to maintain blood cholesterol levels. In addition, the rind is also rich in natural antioxidants, such as vitamin E.

In short, the rind is an important part of the ham, both in terms of protection and preservation and in terms of taste and nutritional value.

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