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The veins of Iberian ham refer to the white lines that can be seen in the meat of the ham. These streaks are a distinctive feature of quality Iberian hams and are a sign of their unique flavour and texture.

The streaks are caused by the infiltration of fat into the meat of the ham, which gives it its distinctive flavour and aroma. The amount and distribution of the streaks can vary depending on the quality of the ham, its curing time and the pig’s diet.

The streaks are highly valued by lovers of Iberian ham because they are considered to indicate good quality and exceptional flavour. In addition, the streaks are an indicator of the amount of fat infiltrated into the meat, which directly affects the texture of the ham.

In general, the streaks in Iberian ham should be thin and uniform, indicating a balanced distribution of fat in the meat. A ham with thick and uneven streaks may indicate poor quality or an incorrect curing process.

In summary, the streaks of Iberian ham are a very important characteristic for assessing the quality and flavour of the ham. A good Iberian ham should have fine, uniform streaks that indicate a balanced distribution of fat in the meat.

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