In Spanish gastronomy we find many delicatessen products that are of great interest to the most demanding palates. Do you know which ones they are? Have you ever tried them? If you have traveled to Spain, you have surely been able to enjoy them in one of the gourmet restaurants in the territory. At Enrique Tomás we offer you the possibility of having this type of premium products at home easily, quickly and safely through our online store.

What are the delicatessen products typical of Spanish gastronomy?

We are talking about typical products of Spanish food , but due to their high quality, their artisanal preparation and their gastronomic qualities, they are considered “gourmet” products in the international market . At Enrique Tomás we present you those delicatessen products where we can guarantee you the best quality.

jamón de bellota ibérico Premium

Premium Iberian acorn-fed ham is popularly known as “Pata Negra” and is unique because it comes from purebred Iberian pigs , that is, from a 100% Iberian mother and father. This type of pig lives what we call in Spain: “la montanera” . It corresponds to the autumn and winter period in which acorn pigs graze freely in the pasture and feed mainly on acorns and other wild fruits. The oil from the acorns penetrates the muscle of the animal, giving rise to a very tasty and tasty meat. Hence, it is wonderful to place a slice of this type of ham on the palate. It is so tasty that it practically melts in our mouth before chewing it.

How do we usually eat this type of jamón ?

Iberian ham is much more than a simple dish or tapa and can be eaten in a thousand different ways. The most common, ideal and easy ways to enjoy 100% of a gourmet product like this, depending on the time of day, are in the form of a sandwich, in small cubes as a tapa, in slices as an appetizer, or by adding it to any recipe. You can enjoy it at any time, you just have to choose the format that best suits you depending on the time of day and the dish.

To learn more details about ham as a delicatessen product and when and in what formats to consume it, consult: “Iberian ham, the most delicate Spanish tapa” .

Spanish cheeses

Spain has a great cheese heritage . With more than 26 Denominations of Origin (DO), we can affirm that there is no region of Spain where cheese is not produced and some of them are known to be among the best in the world. So when buying Spanish cheese, we are indirectly referring to more than a hundred cheeses, all linked to different geographical areas and some of them considered delicatessen products around the world.

As we know that everyone has their own particular taste for cheese, at Enrique Tomás we offer you a combination of gourmet cheeses so that you can choose which one is most suitable for you. And if choosing is very complicated, you already know that the ideal is to try them all and prepare a good cheese board to taste them.

Our selection ranges from the classic cheeses matured from cow, sheep, goat or mixture milk, to the most exclusive and unique ones from the Segovia region such as “Monecillo”, a type of fatty matured cheese, made with milk. raw or pasteurized sheep and natural lamb rennet.

To learn about the types of Enrique Tomás cheeses, consult: “Buy Spanish cheese”

Spanish wine

Spanish wine is one of the best and most appreciated in the world for its extraordinary quality. There are many types of wines but there are some varieties that are considered the most delicate either due to their origin, their treatment, the months of aging or recognition in the sector.

Wine is a very important and notable part of our culinary culture and pairing certain dishes and delicacies such as Iberian ham with a good wine is an essential pleasure.

The fundamental thing is to always think about the foods or dishes that we are going to eat to look for the best Spanish wine. Obviously if we have a good wine and we want to try it, we can do it with a glass at the right time, and it can be alone or reserve it for an appropriate food and thus enjoy its full potential.

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is undoubtedly one of the great jewels of Spanish gastronomy and the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Appreciated throughout the world, it has become one of the most prized delicatessen products in the world and the great culinary symbol of the typically Spanish flavor.

The liquid gold of our gastronomy for its appreciated culinary value and benefits for health. There are many virtues that this product provides us, some of them are its amount of oleic acid - a super antioxidant - and its vitamins.

When it comes to enjoying the charcuterie, cheese or ham boards, you can never miss them. And when a good ham is served on the table, like premium Iberian acorn-fed ham, there is no better companion than a delicious bread with olive oil.

In the Enrique Tomás online store you will find a selection of gourmet extra virgin olive oils . Choose the one you like the most and start complementing and flavoring your dishes with this delicatessen product of Spanish gastronomy.



This gastronomic piece is pure culinary art, to which several people have dedicated years to caring for it, pampering it until it has reached an ideal point of healing and excellence of unmatched quality. In addition, it comes from a unique breed of pig in the world that lives in unbeatable conditions and that allows it to develop such juicy and tasty meat that makes this type of ham practically melt in our mouths.


It is a selected ham, made 100% in Spain. The expert ham makers at Enrique Tomás travel the entire territory to select the best 100% Iberian hams and that is why we call them “premium”. In addition, we follow very exhaustive quality control throughout the entire process. From the drying room we send it directly to your home, so you can enjoy its great flavor in the most authentic way.


You will find them in Enrique Tomás physical stores located around the world, check where you can find them. Or also in our online store, where you can browse and get to know our entire range of selected and gourmet products in depth, and if you buy in 24/48 hours you will have your package at home, ready to taste.


In general stores in the country where you live you will find Spanish wine. If you are looking for something special, it is best to look for it online or in specialized wine stores, wineries or delicatessen stores.