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Cured Sheep Cheese - Rosemary Flavour

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This Cured Sheep Cheese with Rosemary from Vega Sotuélamos is an exclusive product available at Enrique Tomás. This aged cheese, delicately wrapped in sprigs of rosemary, comes in a 200-gram wedge that stands out for its exceptional character, providing a distinctive aroma and flavor with every bite.

The harmonious fusion of the characteristic flavors of sheep cheese with the addition of rosemary evokes the aromas of the wild plants that influence its production.

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Cured Sheep Cheese - Rosemary Flavour
Cured Sheep Cheese - Rosemary Flavour


Cured Sheep Cheese Flavor Rosemary

Explore our exclusive range of sheep cheeses, each with captivating flavors. From the aromatic intensity of white truffle to the delicacy of rosemary and the exceptional spicy flavor of Mojo Picón, each cheese offers a unique experience.

The Cured Sheep Cheese with Rosemary Flavor from Vega Sotuélamos is an exclusive product available at Enrique Tomás. This exquisite product combines the robustness of its extended aging with the balsamic aroma of rosemary, creating a unique experience. Ideal for those who appreciate a connection with nature and authentic flavor.

With a 10-12 month aging, this cheese offers a unique culinary experience. Its distinctive flavor and unmistakable aroma come from the sprigs of rosemary that envelop it, providing an imposing and remarkable personality to this unique cheese. Enjoy this exquisite cheese with fresh fruits like grapes and pears, perfectly complemented by the addition of nuts such as walnuts and almonds, enhancing its complexity of flavors. To enhance the experience with our rosemary cheese, we recommend pairing it with dry white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Albariño.

  • Tasting note: Aged cheese wrapped in delicate sprigs of rosemary, giving it an imposing and unique distinction that highlights its unmistakable aroma and flavor. This characteristic makes it a unique and unparalleled piece in the world of cheeses.


Nutritional Information per 100g:

  • Energy Value (kJ) 1854
  • Energy Value (kcal) 448
  • Fat (g) 38.6
    • of which Saturated Fat (g) 27.5
  • Carbohydrates (g) 1.3
    • of which Sugars (g) 0.5
  • Proteins (g) 23.8
  • Salt (g) 1.59


Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, calcium chloride, rennet, lactic ferment.

Allergens: Lysozyme (derived from egg) milk.


Flavor: Strong, softened by lard, with a light touch of rosemary.

Aroma: Characteristic of sheep cheese.

Color: Ivory white, with small irregularly distributed eyes. 

Consistency: Firm, covered with natural rosemary leaves.


Keep refrigerated < 12ºC. Once opened, it is recommended to consume within 7 days.


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