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Best ways to enjoy Jamón ibérico

Jamón ibérico/Iberian ham is one of the most international gastronomic jewels of our country and there is no one who can resist its flavor! If you want to know the best ways to eat Jamón ibérico, you are lucky, at Enrique Tomás we love to enjoy it and we are going to share with you our favorite ways to prepare it!

Best ways to eat Jamón ibérico

One of the best ways to enjoy Iberian ham is to eat it freshly sliced with some bread and tomato. If you don't have a ham/jamón or shoulder/paleta at home and have preferred to buy sachet of ready sliced Jamón, you will hardly notice the difference! Our Jamón slices are preserved in perfect condition thanks to the vacuum packaging. All you have to do is take the sachet out of the fridge, open it, let the jamón get the room temperature and as soon as the slices separate easily, you can enjoy them, you'll love it! So, what are the seven best recipes with Iberian ham?

Let's take a look at our favorites:

Lentils with jamón

This is one of the most traditional stews in our country and in many regions of Spain it is usually prepared with potatoes, carrots, Iberian ham and chorizo. Make it during the cold winter days and you will see how you will warm up immediately! You also have the option of preparing it as a salad with vegetables to make it a healthy dish.

  • Lentil salad recipe step by step

Eggs with Jamón

This tapa is almost as famous as bravas and in many places they also prepare it with fries. All you have to do is fry the eggs and serve them on a plate, put the jamón cubes on top and that's it. If you dip some bread in the egg and put the Iberian ham on the slice, your mouth will just water instantly!

  • Step-by-step recipe for scrambled eggs with jamón

Huevos rotos con jamón ibérico
Fried broken eggs with Iberian ham

Artichokes with Jamón

Artichokes with jamón is one of the most classic dishes of our gastronomy and meets the requirements of a healthy recipe within a Mediterranean diet. The dish is based on an ingredient of vegetable origin such as the artichoke, in combination with ham in the form of diced jamón, which gives it an intense flavor and perfectly complements the unique taste of this vegetable. Besides, it will hardly take you any time to prepare them.

  • Step by step recipe artichokes with jamón

Alcachofas con jamón
Artichokes with Jamón

Jamón croquettes

You have probably said "the best croquettes ever are my mother's", but at some point you will have to learn to make them yourself. One of the best variations of the traditional chicken croquettes are the ones prepared with Iberian ham and the step-by-step you have to follow to make ham croquettes is very similar to the original.

croquetas de jamon iberico cremosas
Jamón croquettes

Gazpacho or salmorejo with Jamón

Gazpacho is a cold very popular soup, especially in the south of Spain. It is mostly taken during the summer and is prepared with tomato, cucumber, onion, garlic, oil and vinegar. Many people accompany it with some Jamón shavings to give it a unique touch. Try it and you will see! It is refreshing, cool and light, and, in addition, it provides us with many nutrients thanks to its high content of vegetables, which are the basic ingredients to prepare this dish.

  • Prepare your salmorejo or gazpacho recipe following our tips.

Salmorejo con jamón
Salmorejo with Jamón

Scrambled Mushrooms with Jamón and zucchini

Scrambled mushroom eggs is another dish that accepts a lot of extra ingredients, such as vegetables, cheese or, of course, jamón. The salty touch of Iberian ham will cause an explosion of flavor in your mouth! A simple, healthy and very tasty dish. Ideal to prepare it as part of lunch or dinner, or even as a recipe to take to work, its flavor will remain intact and delicious the next day.

  • Want to learn how to cook our scrambled mushroom, zucchini and jamón? You'll have it ready in just 20 minutes!

Calabacín con jamón y champiñones
Scrambled mushrooms with Jamón and Zucchini

Melon with Jamón

This is a very tasty and refreshing dish prepared with our star delicacy. All you have to do is cut a slice of melon and accompany it with a slice of the best Iberian ham, you will love the combination of both ingredients! We prepare it in skewer format and besides being delicious, it is very original.

Brochetas de melón con jamónMelon and Jamón skewer

And now that you know which are the best ways to eat Iberian ham, you just have to choose the one you like the most today! Prepare it for yourself or for your friends and family if you have guests at home and you will.

see how you will not leave anyone indifferent!

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