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How to consume ham?

Today we're going to tell you the optimal way to consume ham to enjoy its flavor, aroma, and texture to the fullest. If you're a lover of this gem of our gastronomy, you must know the key points to make the most of it: the cutting, preservation, temperature, and duration are some aspects to consider.

Raw cured products like ham can be consumed directly, meaning you don't have to cook it before eating. When you buy ham from Enrique Tomás, it's ready for consumption, and there's no need to manipulate it in any way. If your goal is to add it to a recipe, you can certainly do so, but try to add it at the end, in the final steps, to modify its flavor as little as possible.

The ham, as we say at Enrique Tomás, is "a leg of pork cured with salt and time." Preparing a ham can take up to five years of dedication, which is why it's a select and quality product. A food that isn't just about alleviating hunger but should provide us with pleasure.


Recommendations when consuming ham

Consumption Temperature

The optimal temperature for consuming ham ranges between 20 and 25ºC. If you have a whole piece, you can start cutting and consuming directly. However, if you have sliced and vacuum-sealed ham in the refrigerator, keep in mind that you should take them out about 15-20 minutes before consumption to reach the ideal temperature and remove the vacuum packaging.

A trick to know if the slices have reached the optimal temperature is that they separate much more easily.

Consuming Ham

Consuming Ham


The essence of enjoying good ham isn't only about it being well cured and of good quality but also about the cutting. Proper ham cutting is essential to get the most out of it and reveal the authenticity of its flavor.

If you're unfamiliar with the steps to follow for proper cutting and the necessary utensils, we've provided an explanatory video that will serve as a complete guide for learning how to cut ham.

We also provide certain techniques and some tips that can help you get the best performance from your piece in:



Whole Ham

If you have a whole piece and haven't opened it yet, keep the piece hung, without the netting or parchment paper, in a dark and cool place. Remember that once it reaches your home, it's at its curing point, so it's not advisable to wait many days to start and enjoy the maximum intensity of its flavors and aromas.

Once opened, we recommend cutting a bit each day to maintain its taste, color, and texture correctly over time. It's important that after cutting, you DO NOT cover the cut part with its own fat but with transparent film or a clean lint-free cotton cloth until the next use.

Sliced Ham

If you have sliced and vacuum-sealed ham, our recommendation is to keep it refrigerated between 3 to 8ºC.

Once opened, the vacuum process is broken, so it's recommended that you consume the ham as soon as possible.


Whole ham piece



For the whole piece, consume it as soon as possible since it's at its best curing point when it arrives at your home. If that's not possible soon, follow the preservation conditions mentioned above.

Once you start the piece, it's recommended to consume it within 15 days or three weeks, especially in the case of the whole ham, to enjoy its optimal conditions.

In the case of sliced ham, each package can be consumed for a minimum of 90 days after being cut, meaning you can keep it at home for up to three months without needing to start it. Always check the expiration date on the label. Once opened, store it for 3 days in refrigeration at 0-5ºC.

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Ways to Consume Ham

Of course, one of the best ways to consume ham is in slice form on a good platter. You can have it on its own or with accompaniments that enhance its gastronomic value. On one hand, we provide you with the keys to "plate" ham and tell you what the best ham accompaniments are.

Additionally, we recommend adding it to your everyday recipes; you'll gain in flavor, intensity, and nutritional properties. Discover some of them like:

  • The best recipes to take to work.
  • The most typical autumn recipes.
  • The most appealing summer recipes.
  • Healthy recipes with ham.

 Pumpkin CreamPumpkin Cream

Melon Skewers with Ham
Melon Skewers with Ham

Eggplant Roll with Serrano Ham
Eggplant Roll with Serrano Ham


Our goal is for you to enjoy ham to the fullest: a product of excellent quality, for which our expert ham masters have cared for day by day with care, dedication, and artisanal craftsmanship until it reaches you.

And, with the guarantee label of our brand on each piece, we assure you that your piece is at its optimal consumption point, ready to delight all your senses.

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