maridaje de jamon iberico y cerveza

Jamón Ibérico and beer pairing. You will love it!

Imagine yourself during the summer months, under the sun, wearing light clothing and sunglasses, on a terrace near the beach with friends, and, of course, a cold beer, just the right amount of foam, a good plate of Iberian ham, and some toasted bread. Do you feel like going on vacation? Well, you don't have to!

At Enrique Tomás, we will explain in detail how to achieve a perfect pairing of Iberian ham and beer to enjoy these little pleasures anytime,

Let's get started!


Which beers pair best with Iberian ham

It's well-known that wine pairs with ham, as you've probably had the pleasure of enjoying both together on more than one occasion. But what about beer? This elixir of the gods made from malt has the ability to bring out the nuances of Iberian ham, and its acidic touch combines perfectly with one of our most international delicacies.

When choosing between different beers, we recommend going for lagers, which are generally light, but also consider toasted, dark, and some craft beers:

  1. Lager: Lager beers are typically clear, and what makes them similar to each other is their low-temperature fermentation. Brands like San Miguel, Mahou, Estrella Damm, Xibeca, Moritz, or Moritz Epidor are lagers, and we strongly encourage you to enjoy them with your favorite grain-fed or acorn-fed Iberian ham.

  2. Toasted: In this case, we're not talking about fermentation but rather color and flavor. If you like slightly stronger beers, such as Ámbar Expert or 1906 Red Vintage, a special edition of Estrella Galicia, you're in luck because they won't mask the flavor of the ham but complement it! The nuances of both products will go hand in hand.

  3. Dark or Black: These can have different fermentation processes, although in the case of Bock Damm, the most popular Spanish black beer, fermentation is low. Another dark beer that you can pair with Iberian ham is Buckler.

  4. Craft Beers: Those who are fans of craft beers usually seek unique nuances in this market, and they're right. Montseny Mala Vida Chili, a spicy dark beer; Gredos Cerveza, with malt whiskey; Milana Bonita, with fruity and floral notes; Art Orus, slightly bitter, or La Virgen de las Castañas, a special edition by La Virgen, are just a few of the many craft beers we recommend at Enrique Tomás. Trust us, we know what we're talking about.

Types of Beers that Pair with Ham

And How to Enjoy Both Pleasures?

At Enrique Tomás, we like to savor life's small pleasures. That's why we recommend avoiding extravagance and enjoying these delicacies in the simplest way. Take the beer nice and cold, in a glass or straight from the bottle, whichever you prefer.

As for the Iberian ham, once you've decided whether you prefer it grain-fed or acorn-fed, slice it and serve it on a plate at room temperature. If you've bought a vacuum-sealed package of pre-sliced ham, open it, let the cured meat breathe until the slices naturally separate from each other, and then place them on the plate.

To conclude this delightful snack and fully enjoy the pairing of Iberian ham and beer, we recommend serving some "picos sevillanos" alongside. These will help cleanse your palate and allow you to savor each slice and sip as if they were the first.

What a treat!

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