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Where to buy quality sliced ham

We all love to eat ham, that's for sure, but the truth is not all of us master the art of slicing it properly. Before ruining a piece of ham, we often opt to buy it already sliced. But then comes the question:

Where to buy sliced ham?

At Enrique Tomás, we recommend always going to specialized and trustworthy stores. Now, we will explain everything you need to know to enjoy the best sliced ham.


Buying Ham: Whole Piece or Sliced?

In Spain, it's common to see a good ham leg in any household kitchen, exposed and ready to be sliced. There's nothing better than enjoying freshly sliced ham, but be careful! If we don't handle it properly or it will take a long time to consume, our experience with the piece might not be as positive as we expect.

Our recommendation is to always consider the pace at which you will eat and slice the ham. Keep in mind that from a 7-kilogram ham, up to 60% can be used if the slicer is experienced. This means about 4 kilograms of ham, which shouldn't last more than a month. Do you think that will be your pace?

If the answer is yes, go ahead! Take on the challenge of slicing ham and perfect your technique. But if the answer is no, then it's best to buy it sliced.


When to Buy a Whole Piece

  • When you know how to slice it and have the necessary tools available, such as a well-sharpened ham knife and a cutting board or ham holder for comfortable slicing.
  • When you plan to consume it quickly. The less time that passes from opening the ham leg to finishing it, the better.
  • When you have a celebration or a gathering with friends. This way, you also ensure that your ham or shoulder will be consumed quickly.

When to Buy Sliced Ham

  • When you want to try various types and qualities of ham at the same time, without worrying that the ham will dry out or spoil.
  • When you lack knowledge about slicing techniques or don't have the right tools at home to work with a ham leg.
  • When you want to treat yourself, have an original dinner for two, prepare some delicious Iberian sandwiches, or simply whenever you feel like it!


Sliced and Vacuum-Packed Ham

In this section, we won't go into detail about the differences between hand-sliced and machine-sliced ham. The taste won't change if the slicer is a professional, and the product is of high quality. Of course, nothing beats freshly hand-sliced ham. But what we will talk about is the preservation of sliced ham.

If you've decided to buy sliced ham, you should know that you won't have to worry about it drying out or spoiling like a whole piece. However, there are some things you should know about its preservation.

The vacuum-packed sliced ham you'll find at Enrique Tomás stores can last up to 90 days unopened. Remember that vacuum packing is a food preservation technique where all the air is removed, reducing the expiration date while preserving all its properties. There's no need to freeze it, and once opened, it's best to consume it as soon as possible, although you can always store it in the fridge.

For more detailed information on this topic, you can check the Enrique Tomás ham blog:

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PACK ham and wine - 100% Iberian Acorn Shoulder
PACK ham and wine - 100% Iberian Acorn Shoulder


Buying Sliced Ham Online

You might think that buying sliced ham is easier than buying a whole ham leg or shoulder, but even so, at Enrique Tomás, we want the buying experience to always be pleasant. So, here are some details to consider:

  • Always be wary of packages with perfect slices, all the same size, or perfectly shaped for a sandwich. If you've seen a ham leg, you'll know it's impossible to get that kind of slice.
  • Always check the labeling. The law protecting ham production and sales requires merchants to identify each of their products. On the package, you should see which pig the slices come from, and on a whole leg, you'll find the seals that guarantee its quality and origin.

At Enrique Tomás, we maintain the colors of the seals on the sliced ham packages. So, packages of Iberian Cebo ham will be white, Cebo de Campo will be green, Bellota will be red, and 100% Iberian Bellota will be black.

Visit our stores or shop online on our website, where you can not only buy packages of the quality you want but also get a whole ham leg or shoulder and request our "Slicing Service" by machine or knife.

This way, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you've acquired a whole ham piece but will have it at home in convenient vacuum-sealed packages to open and enjoy at your leisure.


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