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5 things to do in Barcelona

In Barcelona, you can do a million things, as everyone knows. It's a wonderful city in every aspect: cultural, historical, touristy, geographical, and, above all, gastronomic. The latter has become an attraction not only for foreign tourists but also for locals, as Barcelona's dining scene goes far beyond Catalan cuisine. There's something for every taste: Asian, European, African, and of course, American cuisine.

However, the true specialty is Mediterranean cuisine in its broad spectrum, and, of course, ham is an essential product, as it should be. We're going to give you some ideas about things we love in our magnificent Olympic city, and we're going to steer clear of the classics because you can find those in any tourist guide!


Plaza de la Virreina and Gaudí

Everyone knows about Antonio Gaudí's famous work, the colossal and unique Sagrada Família, La Casa Milá - better known as La Pedrera, or La Casa Batlló, among other works. But very few people know that in Barcelona's Plaza de la Virreina, there's a chapel hidden in the church of Sant Joan de Gràcia.

It's a chapel that, as soon as you see it, reminds you of Gaudí's symbolism: the Maltese Cross, trencadís, his distinctive angels, the altar's columns... in short, a splendid work in a peaceful and tranquil place where Gaudí himself used to seek moments of peace and inspiration. Undoubtedly, a place to visit and then head to a terrace in Plaza de la Virreina to enjoy a drink while listening to musicians and street artists.

5 things to do in Barcelona

A Beach Day in Barceloneta

The entire coastline of the Catalan capital is surrounded by wide and well-maintained beaches with views of a greenish-blue sea dotted with large and small fishing and leisure boats. It's undoubtedly a spectacle in itself, combining the proximity of a bustling and bustling metropolis with the freedom and tranquility of the sea.

What's not lacking are the typical beach bars found along our entire coastline, where you can enjoy everything from ice cream to grilled sardines or seafood paella.

Don't you feel like starting the season already?

5 things to do 2

Jamón Day with Enrique Tomás

Of course, if you're in Barcelona, you can't miss the opportunity to try our ham at one of our Enrique Tomás ham shops spread throughout the city and its surroundings. Our brand is synonymous with quality and enjoyment.

In our stores, you can savor any Iberian flavor you fancy, in sandwiches, tapas, delicious cones, omelets, salads, and more. Just imagine yourself on one of our terraces with your Iberian ham sandwich and a delicious beer as the heat approaches.

Plus, for pairing, we have our wine and cava cellar, if you prefer wine or cava. We're in many parts of the city, so check the list for your nearest store and come visit us.

5 things to do in Bcn -ET

Ciutadella Park with Lots of Swing

If you're into dancing, especially in ballroom dancing, get your dancing shoes ready for some hip-shaking at the swing festival held in Ciutadella Park, especially in the summer. The agenda will be published soon, so mark your calendar! It's called Lindy al Parc, and it takes place every Sunday at noon until 2:30 PM. It's a great opportunity to socialize, laugh, and dance. It's something different to do mid-morning, so take the opportunity to try some delicious food at one of the many restaurants in the El Born neighborhood.

Ciutadella Park is a beautiful place in the heart of the city, offering a great atmosphere in a green and family-friendly environment.

Let your hair down and enjoy dancing!

parc de la ciutadella 5 barcelona

Visit the Fish Market and Enjoy Paella Afterwards

A visit to a fish market in a coastal city is a "must," as the English say, an obligation. The experience of seeing fresh fish and witnessing a fish auction is a curious and exclusive experience in port cities, especially if you don't live near one.

And if you're not a vegan, at the end of the visit, it's traditional to enjoy a seafood paella and lick your fingers clean... Enjoy! But there are many more possibilities if you prefer some salted fish, grilled fish, or seafood soup... the simpler, the more delicious.

Photo * obtained from El Periodico by Cristina Savall, Wednesday, 28/09/2016

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