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Why is the Iberian loin healthy?

In other occasions, we've already explained how seasoned and stuffed pork loin is made. So, now we're going to focus more on its rich nutritional properties.

Due to its production characteristics, it is closer to cured ham than to any other type of sausage. Iberian pork loin is one of the most precious and carefully crafted cuts of pork. After Iberian ham, it is the most valuable Iberian meat in our rich gastronomy.

At Enrique Tomás, we love ham in its broad spectrum of qualities, but Iberian pork loin is another delicious and healthy Iberian meat that we adore. While Iberian pork loin is recognized as a type of sausage, we prefer to consider it as a cured Iberian meat.

We're going to tell you why!

Where Does Iberian Pork Loin Come From

Pork loin is a cylindrical and elongated piece of meat that is taken whole from the pig's loin. It is very lean because it has very little external fat, and in this case, the marbling between the fibers is characteristic of the infiltrated fat typical of the genetics of the Iberian pig, which is known for being the only animal that infiltrates fat into its muscle. This is something that, for example, doesn't occur with common white pigs.

Iberian pork loin from Iberian pig

Characteristics and Properties of Iberian Pork Loin


Now that we know where it comes from, you'll understand that, while it is an Iberian sausage, it is one of the noblest sausages of the pig. It is also one of the favorites among Iberian meat enthusiasts. The basic difference with other sausages is that it is not made from minced and seasoned meat from various parts of the pig. Instead, the loin is a whole piece, extracted with very little fat.

The loin, after being cured in salt (another difference from other sausages, just like ham), is seasoned with garlic, oregano, and paprika and is finally stuffed directly into the natural casing of the same animal.


Pork loin has numerous properties due to its high content of vitamin B, specifically vitamin B1, making it highly recommended for helping people overcome stress or depression. This property of seasoned pork loin is also used to combat diseases like diabetes or arthritis due to its high content of vitamin B3. This vitamin contributes to good blood circulation to the heart.

When you buy Iberian seasoned pork loin, you are acquiring a product of high food quality due to its many proteins of high biological value. These proteins help create new muscle tissue and regulate body fluids, among other functions. Therefore, it is recommended for people who frequently engage in sports and have significant muscle wear. With its high content of essential amino acids, pork loin is a source of supply for the vital needs of the growing or repairing human body or to provide energy during times of scarcity.

Difference between pork loin and seasoned pork loin

On the other hand, pork loin is also rich in iron, sodium, and fats, with the latter having a high percentage of unsaturated fats compared to saturated fats. It is also very rich in oleic acid. However, as with everything in life, you shouldn't overdo it. For people with slightly elevated cholesterol levels or who have some conditions that require a low-salt diet, it's important to note that one of the properties of seasoned pork loin is its high sodium content. So, they should be careful with excess Iberian pork loin or acorn-fed pork loin. If the problem, on the other hand, is following a low-calorie diet, there is no problem because its meat is low in fat and has fewer calories, even less than cured ham. In conclusion, we can say that pork loin is considered one of the most natural meat products available because its production, except for the paprika seasoning, is entirely natural. At Enrique Tomás, you'll find it with an intense and milder flavor.

Which one is your favorite?

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