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Regañás and picos: the ideal complement to any dish

Today, we are going to talk about a complement or accompaniment in our gastronomy, which is Sevillian breadsticks and "regañás". Both are made of super crispy bread but with different shapes.

Savoring good Serrano ham or Iberian ham without having some tasty breadsticks to cleanse the palate is not the same. Nor is it the same to enjoy good pâté with or without artisan "regañás". In general, you can use them in many dishes, such as vegetable soups or cold soups, to enhance the flavor.

We'll give you some insights into their origin and how to enjoy them better.

Sevillian Breadsticks: Origin and Types


The origin of this type of crispy bread with many years of history is not exclusive to the Iberian Peninsula. Allowing bread to dry out to make it last longer is an ancient technique that European sailors, in particular, had been using for centuries to store it during long Atlantic crossings. For this reason, in many European places, there are forms of dry bread that resemble our breadsticks and "regañás," such as Italy's grissini, German Knäckebrot, French gressins, etc. However, our breadsticks and "regañás" are unique because they include our olive oil in their recipe, giving them their unique flavor to accompany our Mediterranean diet dishes. They are made in Andalusia, mainly in the Seville region, hence the name "Sevillian breadsticks," just like "regañás".


In all supermarkets, you can find different types of Sevillian breadsticks and "regañás." They come in various shapes, such as sticks, curved, round, or even in the form of a ring, which are more like small bagels but with a similar or very close texture. However, as with everything, no matter how simple this food complement may seem, there are different qualities.

That's why we want to highlight gourmet breadsticks and "regañás", which are made with high-quality ingredients mixed in a carefully crafted process and are highly sought after. At Enrique Tomás, we couldn't help but have the best breadsticks on the market to accompany our flagship product, ham. In fact, it's more than just an accompaniment since, between slices, the breadstick effectively cleanses the palate from salt, whether for preparation or tasting the chosen pairing (wine, cava, beer), or for another new slice.
Our customers know it well because when they buy ham in our online store, our products come with them as a gift. It's a high-quality product to accompany our Iberian products or refined meals.


They are less known than breadsticks but equally practical for accompanying creamy appetizers like cheeses, pâtés, and jams because they are flat and slightly less crispy than breadsticks. The "regañá" is a type of hard and very thin bread, typical of Seville and originating from Alcalá de Guadaíra; its popularity has made it common in other areas of Andalusia.



Dishes with Breadsticks and "Regañás"

The basic function of breadsticks and "regañás" is always to accompany or complete.

various accompaniments

For a plate of ham, a cheese or cold cuts platter


Cured cheese with Sevillian breadsticks from Enrique Tomás
Buy cured cheese


For salads


Montanera salad with ham
Our Montanera salad

For creams and soups

Always have them at home; you don't have to worry if they go bad because they last for months, and they will serve you well for many purposes...

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