Vuelta a la rutina con Enrique Tomás

Back to routine with Enrique Tomás

September is the month par excellence for returning to routine and setting new goals. "Normalcy" begins, along with work, schedules, school, etc. Vacations and summer are behind us, and with fully recharged batteries, it's time to set new goals and projects: going back to the gym, following dietary routines, engaging in extracurricular activities...

At Enrique Tomás, we share the keys to getting back into the rhythm that September demands and facing the routine in the best way possible.

Overcoming Post-Vacation Syndrome When Returning to Routine

Returning to routine after summer is always a tough task for all of us, but to embrace this change, it's essential to do it with energy and positivity. Let everything flow naturally without stress, and gradually ease yourself back into your usual routine.

The keys to successfully overcoming post-vacation syndrome are:

  • Follow a healthy diet: get back to our everyday balanced diet. Nutrition forms the foundation for good physical and mental health.

  • Resume physical activity: It's crucial to move daily and/or engage in physical activity to improve our overall health. This will keep us active and make the return to routine easier.

  • Emotional well-being: Feeling good makes it easier to adopt healthier lifestyles and take care of oneself.

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Planning Shopping and Weekly Menus

Returning to routine also means getting back to regular schedules, healthy habits, and everyday eating. And for that, planning and organization are necessary. After vacations, we return home with an empty fridge and need to go shopping again, considering the type of diet we want to follow.

Our recommendation for resuming regular meals is to base them on the Mediterranean diet ingredients. Among the many health benefits, this diet is characterized by using grains and vegetables as the foundation of dishes, accompanied by a small amount of animal products such as dairy, meats, or fish.

In addition, heart-healthy fats like olive oil or fats from fatty fish and nuts (the famous omega-3s) are also essential parts of the diet. All of this is complemented by the consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruits, aromatic herbs, and other seasonings.

Mediterranean DietMediterranean Diet

Recipes for Taking to Work
Recipes for Taking to Work

To shop for groceries, our advice is to first create a weekly menu based on the combination of ingredients to ensure you get all the necessary nutrients. Are you familiar with the plate method? It's very useful for composing complete and healthy meals. Now, you just need to go shopping!

At Enrique Tomás, you can find ham in all possible formats to make it easy and convenient for you. Choose a whole piece, sliced, shavings, or cubes… And, from all the types available, select the most suitable one for you.

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Healthy Recipes for Returning to Routine

At Enrique Tomás, we provide you with ideas through our blog to prepare the healthiest and most complete dishes that are also delicious. This way, you can enjoy eating while maintaining a balanced and varied approach. We also suggest using seasonal products to savor their authentic flavors.

This is just a small "taste" of the collection of Enrique Tomás recipes. Head to our blog at the bottom and explore all the recipes. To tackle returning to routine, we also recommend checking out:

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Many times, taking a "tupperware" to work is associated with eating at odd times, haphazardly, and unhealthily. However, that 's not true, as there are thousands of healthy and delicious recipes you can quickly prepare at home. Plus, if you have your weekly menu planned, you can also pre-prepare healthy lunches to take to work.

Vegetable Creams

Vegetable creams are a hit any time of the year. It's a healthy dish that allows you to combine all kinds of plant-based foods and add tasty toppings, such as ham.

We present two ideas you'll love!

Asparagus Cream with HamAsparagus Cream with Ham

Pumpkin CreamPumpkin Cream

Various Salad Ideas

Salads can also be very complete dishes, providing all the necessary nutrients, and they can be delicious as well. We tend to think that such dishes might be more boring than others, but by combining ingredients in the right way and adding flavor and creativity, you can create delicious and healthy recipes.

We offer you some ideas with different bases to show that it's possible to cook original and tasty salads:

Country SaladCountry Salad

Mushroom, Goat Cheese, and Iberian Ham SaladMushroom, Goat Cheese, and Iberian Ham Salad

Lentil Salad with Ham
Lentil Salad with Ham

Other Creative and Healthy Ideas

Lastly, let's talk about those ideas for more unique dishes that can be enjoyed during meals or dinners shared with family and friends. Once the routine is established, it's also positive to break it with a meal or dinner in good company. It's possible to do this with healthy and balanced proposals!

Here are some ideas:

Canapé Ideas for SnackingCanapé Ideas for Snacking

Canapé Ideas for Snacking IICanapé Ideas

Iberian Ham TartareIberian Ham Tartare

Iberian Ham UramakiIberian Ham Uramaki

Vegetable Quiche with Ham and Mushrooms IIMushroom, Cheese, and Ham Quiche

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