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Cheese board for Christmas, you'll see how delicious!

If you want to prepare the best cheese platter for Christmas to impress all your friends and family, Enrique Tomás will tell you which ones are essential for you to include!

Ready? Let's make the shopping list!


What Cheeses Should the Best Christmas Cheese Platter Include?

Spanish cheeses are many and varied, but in addition, those typical of Italy (Parmesan or Pecorino), Greece (Feta), or the United Kingdom (Cheddar) are already very common on our tables.

When preparing cheese platters for Christmas, we advise you to opt for the most delicious, and in our opinion, the following are ideal:


Sheep's Milk Cheese

If you plan to include a platter of Iberian ham or cold cuts on your Christmas table, keep in mind that sheep's milk cheese is the perfect match for them. Its flavor is as Made in Spain as that of the cold cuts or Iberian ham, which is why cheese is incomplete without Iberian products. If you want to buy cheese and cold cuts from a quality source, visit one of our stores or buy them online—each of our pieces is top-notch!

Ardiona Sheep's Milk CheeseEnrique Tomás Aged Sheep's Milk Cheese 

Semi-Cured Goat Cheese

The flavor of this cheese is milder than the previous one and is perfect to accompany with some toasted bread and quince, a traditional sweet of this time of the year.

Semi-Cured Goat Cheese

Enrique Tomás Semi-Cured Goat Cheese 


Brie Cheese

This cheese is one of the most popular from France, and its creamy texture makes it perfect for spreading. If you put it in the oven and wait for it to melt, you'll be fascinated by this delicacy!

Serrano Ham and Brie Cheese SandwichSerrano Ham and Brie Cheese Sandwich


Swiss Tête de Moine AOP Cheese

Swiss cheese has a unique flavor, but what makes it special is how it's cut. The Tête de Moine, available in our stores, is prepared with a Girolle, a kind of cheese grater that allows you to slice it into thin sheets—the result is exquisite and very visually appealing! Thanks to its presentation, you'll make it a feast for the eyes! Prepare a cheese and cold cuts platter with this Swiss cheese, and you'll see how impressive it is!

Christmas Cheese Platter - Tête de Moine
Buy Swiss Tête de Moîne Cheese from Enrique Tomás 

Parmesan Cheese

This cheese is very typical of Italy, especially when eating pasta. It's the ideal seasoning for any type of macaroni, spaghetti, or lasagna, and it's so delicious that it adds flavor to any preparation! At Enrique Tomás, we recommend including it on the Christmas cheese platter so everyone can enjoy a piece of the bel Paese.


Matured Cheddar Cheese

In the United Kingdom, Cheddar cheese is the quintessential cheese and is so popular that it's sold in different degrees of maturity. Although all of them are good, the most irresistible (and popular) one is the matured version because it has more nuances, and since we like to savor the flavors of food, this is our favorite! Create a platter of Iberian products and matured Cheddar cheese, and you'll see.

Cheese PlatterDiverse Cheese Platter


Now you know how to prepare a cheese platter, choose the one that suits your taste the most! Also, remember that we don't consider a Christmas dinner complete without some Iberian ham and cold cuts, so if you want to impress with your Christmas appetizers, buy a Christmas basket that includes these along with nougats and wine.

You'll only have to sing carols with your family!

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