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Diet for athletes with acorn-fed Iberian ham

Iberian ham is a very healthy food when consumed in moderation, as it is rich in proteins and a wide range of beneficial nutrients and vitamins for the body. This delicacy is especially good for those who engage in regular exercise. If you want to know why a diet for athletes with acorn-fed Iberian ham is so important, pay attention.

At Enrique Tomás, we'll tell you about the advantages of this Spanish-made product!


Iberian Ham for Athletes, Is It Good?

The answer is clear, yes. Iberian ham has many nutritional properties beneficial to the body, and it's important to know them when consuming it during sports activities.

When we exercise, the first things our body burns are carbohydrates and sugars, but proteins are also burned. For every 100 grams of Iberian ham, our body receives 43.2 grams of protein, which provide us with energy and help in muscle growth. Therefore, eating ham is perfect for regaining strength and gaining muscle mass.

In addition to proteins, Iberian ham also contains iron, which helps prevent anemia. If combined with other foods that facilitate iron absorption in the blood, such as orange juice rich in vitamin C, it's even better because it accelerates the process.

Furthermore, Iberian ham is also rich in zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. For every 100 grams of cured ham, our body receives 2.3 mg of zinc, 153 mg of potassium, and 153.7 mg of phosphorus, which aid in blood oxygenation, muscle tone recovery, and the replenishment of minerals lost during physical activity.

It's worth noting that Iberian ham does not make you gain weight, although it is more calorically dense than other meats. To meet the demands of athletes, Enrique Tomás offers a low-fat cured ham line, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Iberian ham while managing your calorie intake.


What Should You Combine Ham with When Doing Sports?

Athletes need to consume more vitamin B than those who don't engage in physical activity, as it is essential for energy production. This vitamin can be found in legumes, cereals, milk and its derivatives, eggs, and meat. So, if you engage in regular physical activity, it's important to include these foods in your diet.


Recipes with Ham Suitable for Athletes

There are many delicious ways to enjoy ham, and the best part is that they are all delicious! You can enjoy ham on its own, in slices, cubes, or shavings, or you can pair it with some tomato and bread. However, you can also incorporate it into different recipes. Some of the tastiest ones include:


Fried Eggs with Ham

Making this dish is super easy, but it's important to remember not to eat it before exercising to avoid feeling heavy. You just need to fry a couple of eggs and potatoes and accompany them with some Iberian ham. Once you dip the bread in the egg yolk and mix it with the rest of the ingredients, you'll be in for a treat!


Broken Eggs with HamRecipe for Broken Eggs with Ham


Lentils with Ham

Similar to the previous dish, this one might make you feel heavier, so it's best enjoyed after your favorite sports activity. This dish is ideal for the winter months as it helps warm you up and practically cooks itself.


Lentil Salad with Serrano Ham and VegetablesLentil Salad with Serrano Ham and Vegetables


Ham Salad

This dish is much lighter than the previous one and very refreshing, making it perfect for the summer. Making a salad is super easy, and the best part is that you can include as many ingredients as you like. Lettuce, tomato, nuts, avocado... the options are endless!


Camper Salad
Camper Salad


Gazpacho with Ham

This preparation is also very light and refreshing, and you can enjoy it for either lunch or dinner. You'll surely love it!


Lentils with HamPeas with Ham and Poached Egg


With that said, which dish suits you the most?

Follow a low-fat acorn-fed Iberian ham diet for athletes and enjoy all the benefits this food provides to your body!

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