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When can a baby eat ham?

Taking care of the nutrition of the little ones is very important to ensure their proper development. They need to consume a lot of nutrients, such as proteins. That's why many moms and dads wonder:

When can a baby eat ham?

As is natural, you want to give your little one the best! At Enrique Tomás, we are going to provide you with the answer to this question so you can incorporate the best Iberian ham into their diet. Let's get started!


What Should a Baby's Diet Be Like?

Newborns don't have any teeth until they reach six months of age when their first teeth usually come in. All the nutrients they need until that moment are in breast milk; however, you can start introducing solid foods into their diet after that, but you should mash them.

The best way to ensure that your baby eats the fruits, vegetables, meat, or fish you give them is by preparing different types of purees. In your recipes, you can combine many ingredients to prevent them from getting tired of the same flavors!

Once your baby reaches twelve months, meaning when they turn one year old, it won't be necessary to puree all their food anymore; they will start chewing and biting on their own. However, it's important to cut their food into small pieces.

It's precisely during this stage when boys and girls can start eating Iberian ham. However, it's important to remove the fat beforehand to prevent choking and cut each slice into small pieces. Once your little one tries it, you'll see how much they love it!


Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham Shavings - Enrique Tomás S.L.
Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham Shavings


Is it Good for Babies to Eat Iberian Ham?

The answer to this question is very easy, YES. Iberian ham is prepared using a natural curing process, which is why it has no additives. It also doesn't contain sugar, unlike cooked ham, also known as York ham or sweet ham, which does contain sugar.

Regarding its nutrients, Iberian ham is an important source of protein, which is why it's good to give it to the little ones. However, as with everything in life, it shouldn't be abused.

Adults need to limit their daily consumption of Iberian ham to 40 grams, so for the little ones, the amount should be slightly less. If you're going to serve it, for example, at snack time, prepare a small piece of bread with a couple of slices and cut it into pieces so they can easily eat it.

As for cold cuts, it's important to note that the same rule applies as with Iberian ham: you shouldn't overdo it. Additionally, you should serve it to your son or daughter already cut to prevent choking—a mistake like this can be quite scary!

With that said, does your baby already have the right age to eat Iberian ham? Keep in mind that each boy and girl has different growth, and if, for some reason, their teeth are taking longer than usual to come in, it's a good idea to wait a little longer.

As soon as they can, give them the best acorn-fed Iberian ham, and you'll see how much they enjoy it!

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