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Eating Iberian ham does not make you fat: Demonstrated

The Endothelium and Cardio-metabolic Medicine Unit at Hospital Ramón y Cajal has conducted two studies that show the benefits of regular and moderate consumption of ham.

How was the study conducted?

They selected 100 healthy individuals aged between 25 and 55, and around 40 years old, who consumed 50g/day of Iberian ham for six weeks.

What were the results?

The results of both studies indicate that regular consumption of Iberian ham had cardiovascular benefits due to the animals' diet, especially when they consume acorns, as they contain powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects at the vascular level.

Furthermore, the studies also demonstrated that moderate consumption of Iberian ham did not cause any of the subjects to gain weight and did not alter their triglyceride levels. Additionally, Iberian ham acted as a "blood pressure reducer".

  • So, it's proven: Iberian ham doesn't make you gain weight!

If you're familiar with calories... Iberian ham has between 100 and 125 KCal per 50-gram portion, making it optimal even in low-calorie diets when consumed in moderation. Keep in mind that it's the healthiest cold cut with the lowest saturated fat content worldwide.


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