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Enrique Tomás' Iberian patatas bravas

Enrique Tomás' Iberian Patatas Bravas are finger-licking good! They are undoubtedly the traditional patatas bravas but made with our personal touch. In fact, we call them "our way" because, of course, ham is not missing.

Throughout Spain, the quintessential tapa is a plate of patatas bravas, usually with a spicy sauce (hence the name "bravas"). The sauce is what sets each place apart, as it often varies from bar to bar or region to region. However, the important thing is that you will always find a delicious version.

"Typical Spanish"
A Bit of History

Indeed, patatas bravas carry the Spanish mark, just like paella or gazpacho. Even the UN, in 2008, published a compilation of 200 recipes that included this dish as "Typical Spanish." Patatas bravas are known worldwide. It seems that one of the first documented explicit mentions was made by journalist Luis Carandell in his work "Vivir en Madrid" (1967), where he mentioned that "patatas bravas," which are also sometimes called "patatas a lo pobre," are fried potatoes with spicy sauce, perfect for dipping bread.

Thus, it is believed that the origin of this simple and delicious recipe was in Madrid, in bars called Casa Pellico or La Casona, although it's not certain which one because they no longer exist. What does exist is the memory of the queues around these bars to taste their famous patatas bravas. In any case, its fame grew, and with the tourist boom of the '70s, this dish became a must-try for tourists, and it remains so today.

Small portion of Iberian patatas bravas

Enrique Tomás' Iberian Patatas Bravas

Throughout the country, you will find different variations of this dish. They can vary depending on the typical ingredients of each region. For example, in Madrid, they are often made with tomato and cayenne pepper, while in Catalonia, they come with "all i oli" sauce. You might find around 15 or more ways to make them, and they are all surely delicious, just like Spanish cuisine. Determining which is the best version is a matter of personal taste!

Enrique Tomás' Iberian patatas bravas recipe includes the basic ingredients, but, of course, "our way" means adding Iberian ham.


  • "Caliu" Potatoes, baked, not fried
  • Freshly sliced Iberian ham shavings
  • Non-spicy tomato sauce


The pre-baked potatoes are heated before serving, then topped with the delicious special sauce and generously sprinkled with Iberian ham shavings.

Served fresh with a glass of beer, like any self-respecting tapa, they are absolutely delightful. The best way to enjoy them is to visit any Enrique Tomás store and try them on the spot.

If you haven't tried them yet, don't wait to treat yourself to this little pleasure!

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