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Benefits of red wine Why drink wine?

The first answer is obvious... Because it's delicious! But the truth is that the benefits of red wine are numerous, and at Enrique Tomás, we want to tell you about them so you have more reasons to include a glass of wine in your meals.

A glass of red wine a day can improve your health; discover why.

Benefits of Red Wine

Every day we learn about a new contribution of wine to our health. Drinking wine, always in moderation, is a very healthy habit. We know that we don't need to give many explanations about it because more than one person will be delighted to include a glass of wine in their diet, but knowledge is power! So here's a list of the main benefits of red wine:

Weight Control

  • Wine activates a gene that prevents the formation of new fat cells in our body.

Cognitive Processes

  • Wine is a natural brain enhancer; wine consumption can prevent degenerative brain diseases like senile dementia or Alzheimer's.

Healthy Gums

  • Grapes have compounds that, when fermented, prevent the appearance of agents linked to tooth decay. In addition to this, wine is highly effective against various gum infections and sore throats.


  • A study claims that resveratrol, a compound present in grapes, improves our mood on days of greater fatigue or when we feel apathetic.


  • Drinking wine causes our body to release endorphins, which in turn makes us feel relaxed and happier.

Clean Palate

  • For this reason, wine is always a good accompaniment for snacking, as the astringent properties of this beverage make us perceive the flavors of food more intensely.

Cholesterol Control

  • Just as with Iberian acorn ham, wine is good for cholesterol due to its antioxidant properties, which act on bad cholesterol.


  • Wine provides us with vitamin E, a nutrient that helps cleanse the blood and prevent clot formation.

Urinary Infections

  • Thanks to the same antioxidant and astringent properties mentioned earlier, wine helps keep bacteria that seek to settle in our kidneys and bladder at bay, optimizing the filtering functions of these organs.

In addition to these fantastic properties, regular consumption of red wine delays aging and contributes to having healthier skin. It reduces allergies thanks to its antihistamine effects and even improves eyesight!

However, remember that all these benefits of red wine have been proven in various studies with the consumption of one glass a day along with a balanced, low-fat, and healthy diet. And of course, in each case, it's essential to follow the advice and prescription of a medical professional, depending on the health status of each adult individual.

Red Wine and Ham

It's a Matter of Tradition

The tradition of pairing these two elements, icons of Spanish gastronomy, is so strong that we even have sayings about it: "With ham and good wine, the road is easier" or "He who has wine and ham, has no heart issues," among many others.

But the truth is that red wine is not the best companion for ham, but why? The answer has to do with flavors; red wine is a beverage with strength and presence, just like ham, so to fully enjoy either of them, it's better to have them separately.

Wine is a fantastic product, not only in flavor but also in health benefits, as we have seen, but its strong personality and palate presence can overshadow or mask the nuances of ham's flavor.

However, at Enrique Tomás, we have a rule that also applies to the case of pairing with ham: "The best ham is not the most expensive but the one you like the most." Therefore, if you enjoy a good glass of red wine and a plate of ham, appreciating the virtues of each product... go ahead! There's nothing prohibiting you from making or enjoying this combination.

Our Recommendation

If you're up for trying something different, we suggest pairing ham with cava or sparkling white wine. Why? The freshness of both beverages and their bubbles help cleanse the palate, refresh it, and prepare it for the next bite of ham. Try it, and you'll let us know how it goes!

Now you know the benefits of red wine, just in case you needed more excuses to include it in your diet. But always remember that wine is an alcoholic beverage that should be consumed responsibly and in moderation; otherwise, none of the benefits we've discussed can be experienced in your body. Keeping this in mind, let's raise our glasses and say

To your health!

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