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Enrique Tomás' #Jamwich is on the cover

Our Soho store does not go unnoticed because the smell of ham is accompanied by a window full of hams that is impossible to ignore if you are walking through London's Soho.

So much so that the Evening Standard , London's leading free newspaper, is already talking about us!

Don't miss the article!


A cut above: London's best new ham joints

Link to article: https://www.standard.co.uk/reveller/restaurants/a-cut-above-london-s-best-new-jamon-joints-10119688.html


It is said of that sandwich that you begin to eat with your eyes and end up savoring with your palate.

We prepare our sandwiches with care from the moment we bake the bread to achieve that toasted and crunchy effect that we are looking for, until its parts embrace the ham.

To a jamwich we only add a drizzle of virgin olive oil to accompany the bread but it should not be much since the ham is in itself an olive leg.


Did you know…

In Catalonia, “pa amb tomàquet” (bread with tomato) is customary and if you ask for it in any of our stores we will do it that way, because at Enrique Tomás we understand that when we interact with ham it is always to enjoy.

However, we consider that the acidity of the tomato can affect the flavor of the ham, which is why we do not prepare them with tomato bread.


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