El jamón también se esculpe Enrique Tomás

The ham is also carved

On World Art Day, we celebrate ham as a cultural element and an artistic masterpiece. Ham carvers aren't mere slicers; they are those who, like canvases, have a ham to work on.

Did you know that in English, the act of slicing ham is called "sculpting" a ham?

"To carve" is the word used by the Saxons both for sculpting and for slicing ham. The carver not only seeks the perfect slice that will melt in the mouth but also shapes the ham very precisely while doing so.

"It always has to stay straight." Just like in different forms of art, there's a technique, tools, and the artist's personal touch. Anything related to ham is a tasty and enjoyable art, so we suggest you exercise your mind.

Are you up for spotting the differences?

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