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At Enrique Tomás we have something very clear, our passion is ham and we want to give it the name it deserves in the world. To achieve this ambitious goal, it is not enough for us to offer you the best Iberian products in our ham shops and online store, we need to do more and that is why we introduce you to our Events and Catering Service team .

In a good event you cannot miss a good ham!

It is said that a wedding is not the same without the table with the ham cutter and it is that having the experience of Enrique Tomás' team of cutters at your disposal is undoubtedly a guarantee of success, both for weddings, as well as for meetings and events. company. We merge with your party and we put at your disposal the best Iberian products from the hand of authentic professionals. In this sense, we carry out all kinds of events always thinking about the needs of our clients, what they want and like the most, their budget and the public that will attend the event. Our services are available throughout Spain (Peninsula, Mallorca and Ibiza) and London. We have experience in all kinds of events and we are prepared to help you in everything you need. From the Enrique Tomás Events team we can give you excellent proposals for:
  • Company Events
  • Wedding
  • Congresses / Fairs
  • civil ceremonies
  • Birthday
  • inaugurations
And in addition to these, which are the most common events, we not only take care of bringing the Iberian touch to your meeting because if you need it, you can also leave it in our hands:
  • Integral management of the event
  • Reservations of Spaces / Conditioned rooms
  • Bar staff / Waiters

By hiring the Enrique Tomás Events Service, you not only ensure the best Iberian products for your guests, but you will also have complete peace of mind, because we are specialists in managing all the details that make an event special and unforgettable. Leave a good taste in the mouth and a good memory with any of our services:

Ham Cutting Courses :

Enrique Tomás' Ham Cutting Courses are well known, in fact they are a very original gift that is very popular with our clients, but did you know that they can organize a session for your team or your friends? The Events Team will be in charge of organizing an evening where you can share with your colleagues and learn the best techniques for cutting ham with an introduction to:

  • Basic tools
  • Anatomical understanding of the part
  • cutting technique
The cutting courses for groups are carried out for more than 10 people and we can do it in our establishments or in the place that you indicate. Organize a team activity to strengthen ties with your employees or encourage yourself to share with your friends a different activity.

Wine and Ham Tastings :

More activities to share with friends! If you want to surprise your members, organize an activity to reward your team or simply enjoy with friends, the Wine and Ham Tastings at Enrique Tomás are an option that you cannot fail to appreciate. Organized for groups of at least 10 people, we present a session where you will learn from the most passionate experts of Iberian ham, the differences between the different qualities of ham, the characteristic flavors of each origin and, of course, the secrets of good pairing. .

Ham cutters :

Passionate about ham and true professionals in the art of cutting ham, offering perfect, freshly cut slices to all your guests. Enjoy watching your guests admire the mastery of our ham cutters, while taking a good bite of the highest quality Enrique Tomás hams.

Choose the type of ham that best suits your taste and needs. Remember that at Enrique Tomás, the best ham is always the one you like best!

Catering :

We put at your disposal a whole range of sausages, ham sandwiches, an assortment of Iberian meats, picos, cheese, bread with tomato and oil, olives, drinks... choose the quality of ham and sausages that best suit your budget. Show off with the impressive Tête de Moine cheese flowers cut to order... In addition, this service also includes our famous event trolley, decorated tables, drinks bar, waiters.

Events Catering Enrique Tomás Events Catering Enrique Tomás


Do you love our ham and do you also visit our stores often? Well, come celebrate your events with us and you will not regret it. If you are not sure about the place and you are in Barcelona, ​​we are also here to give you the best options. At Enrique Tomás we have closed rooms that are perfect for entertaining a birthday, anniversary or a wonderful company dinner. Get in touch with us and our events team will offer you the best options. Discover our rooms in Barcelona to celebrate a special occasion! We stand out for an excellent quality / price ratio, careful presentation and excellent service. We currently have different rooms with different characteristics and capacities in:
  • C. Pelayo 18 (Barcelona)
  • Avinguda Diagonal, 372 (Barcelona)
  • C. del Mar, 12 (Badalona)
Get in touch in advance and make your own personalized menu, we adjust to the maximum!

How to organize my event with Enrique Tomás?

If we have convinced you and you have discovered that bringing Enrique Tomás Iberico Ham to your events is the best option, you just have to contact our team. Contact us a little in advance and we will give you the best proposals, answering all your questions and requirements as soon as possible. Check availability and budgets by any of these 2 ways:
  • Telephone 627 93 22 55 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)
  • E-mail eventos@enriquetomas.com
Our specialty and our passion is ham, but when it comes to events, we take care of everything. Take an Enrique Tomás establishment to your event!

Events Catering Enrique Tomás

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