el jamon de extremadura

Extremadura, I will not forget you!

The acorn-fed Iberian ham from Extremadura possesses all the characteristics of an acorn-fed ham:

  • Iberian breed pig
  • Montanera grazing
  • Feeds on acorns
  • 36 months of aging

What's Happening in Extremadura?

In Extremadura, they are especially proud of their ham, and we always hear the people from Extremadura saying that they produce the best ham in the world.

Extremadura is one of the origins that makes it easy for us to see the importance of "the cook" (the person who cures the ham), as a significant portion of the ham produced in Guijuelo grazes in the Extremaduran pasturelands. Therefore, the pigs from both origins have eaten the same, and it is precisely during the curing process where differences in flavor nuances are created.

What Does Extremaduran Ham Taste Like?

The acorn-fed Iberian ham from Extremadura is intense, elegant, and very distinctive. It is a ham full of nuances and very aromatic, both for the nose and the palate. In other words, it smells wonderful!

Upon putting it in your mouth, you can feel how it suddenly fills you with aromas, like an explosion. The most incredible thing, and something that only happens with this ham, is that when you swallow the slice, all those wonderful flavors disappear as quickly as they appeared.

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