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On vacation in your own city? Many are heading to Ibiza, Mallorca, Benidorm, or catching a plane to London or even farther this summer, and there you are, staying in Madrid or Barcelona... So what?

You probably like your city, but you've seen it all before... We want you to see it in a different way and for these vacations to taste like heaven!


Enjoy this picnic for two in Madrid or Barcelona and discover your city while indulging in chorizo, salchichón, and of course... Enrique Tomás ham!

As they say in Pretty Woman, "plant your bum" in a garden with your little picnic blanket. Barcelona: T’estimo and Madrid en Ruta will show you their city from viewpoints you had never considered with this Iberian picnic. Where can you find this picnic?

At all our Enrique Tomás stores!!

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